Apple Nails Formula with iPad

iSlateWith the unveiling of Apple’s new keyboardless tablet, iPad, I am predicting that Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs will finally get the formula right and we will all want one. This is the shit, people. Because this version of Apple’s tablet will compliment laptops and smart phones, users will be able to do pretty much anything — anywhere.

Its integrated ‘ecosystem’ of services includes functions and content for the education sector, digital books, newspapers and magazines; and its Wi-Fi connection via mobile phone networks will attract a monster crowd of users already using their smart phones to access social networking tools like Twitter, will now be able to download video and music – and then share it all with their friends and followers.

I predict that Apple’s new iPad will soon become a hugely popular all-in-one entertainment control that will live in your living room and my living room (and maybe my bedroom). In fact, I can see it being particularly useful for integrated TV programs, much like game sports betting.

Nice job, Jobs. This is going to be bigger than your iPod.

Although it never really had a successful launching (until this one, I’m saying), you can trace the history of the Apple Tablet here.