’s most read Bitcoin stories of 2020

Bitcoin continued to take big strides in 2020, further proving to the world it’s utility as a blockchain and creating new opportunities for the gambling industry. Here are our top five Bitcoin stories from 2020

Becky’s Affiliated: How Gap600 enables instant transactions for iGaming payment processors

Bitcoin on CA

When you think of Bitcoin and gambling, the first thing you probably think of is a fast and cheap payment method. Gap600’s CEO Daniel Lipshitz joined’s Lead Reporter, Becky Liggero Fontana, to explain how instant, guaranteed transactions at low cost are already happening on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Bitcoin for Gambling

In August, launched its Bitcoin for Gambling section. If you like to gamble, run a gambling operation, regulate the industry or act as an affiliate, we’ve got lots of great information and resources for you to check out and see why Bitcoin SV is the future of gambling.

Merchants who embrace crypto see better results, per new study

The benefits of Bitcoin aren’t just anecdotal anymore. Retailers who accept digital currency are reducing their costs, profiting more, and have happier customers overall. Don’t take our word for it, Forrest Consulting did a whole study and everything!

Peergame announces affiliate program coming soon

More than a few affiliates sat up and took notice when Peergame announced they would soon be offering an affiliate program using Bitcoin SV. Instant payouts, the transparency of the blockchain, and attractive commissions? What’s not to love?! Peergame has since launched the program in a closed beta.

US Fed Reserve might be ready to define digital currency as real money

One of the biggest blockers to the enterprise world using digital currencies has been regulatory uncertainty. But with the U.S. Federal Reserve signaling that they could soon classify digital currency as real currency, and making moves to allow easier regulation of the space, the business world is getting excited about the future that lies ahead.

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