BetMGM has a new parlay option it hopes will give it an edge

The sports gambling industry in the U.S. is becoming more crowded every day, thanks to a continued rollout of state initiatives to legalize the activity, as well as sportsbooks grabbing greater pieces of the action. This is great news for sports gambling fans, as competition (not necessity) is the mother of innovation. As operators look to find ways to grab larger chunks of the available consumer base, they’re forced to introduce new deals and products that will attract new customers. BetMGM, the sportsbook created by MBM Resorts and GVC Holdings, thinks it’s on to something with its latest development, Parlay Builder. 

Parlay Builder gives sports bettors the ability to create parlay bets more easily for same-game wagers. It was designed through BetMGM’s existing partnership with Betgenius and can be used to create parlays for NFL and NBA games, as well as all major soccer leagues. Coming in the near future will be support for parlays on MLB and NHL games. 

BetMGM Chief Marketing Officer Matt Provost explains of the initiative, “Parlay Builder gives our pre-game betting offering another dimension; it’s engaging, easy-to-use and extensive, therefore appealing to serious and recreational bettors alike. We’ve witnessed the success of BetBuilder in Europe and anticipate a similar trajectory in the U.S.”

BetBuilder was created by BetGenius in conjunction with Sportscast, a sportsbook software provider. It enables the back-end processes behind the wagers to be automated and, at the same time, allows sportsbooks to configure their platforms to allow virtually any type of bet while enhancing the user experience. In the case of BetMGM’s Parlay Builder, which is now live, the solution is used to give bettors the ability to create and customize their same-game bet selections from over 400 different options, including prop bets for the teams and players in the game. Sports gambling fans will like the fact that BetMGM isn’t charging anything to use the feature.

Using Parlay Builder is pretty simple, which makes the learning curve extremely low so that novice sports gamblers can get involved. A bettor chooses the contest and then chooses the legs, which will appear with the lines the sportsbook is offering. After that, the amount of the wager is entered so the system can calculate the potential winnings and, if the bettor likes the results, the bet can be placed. If not, he or she can back out and try with new options. 

Adds Betgenius Global Partnerships Director Matt Stephenson, “BetBuilder has been a runaway success for many of our partners in Europe and the product keeps getting better and better. With a focus on U.S. sports and the deepest range of bet options, Parlay Builder gives BetMGM a real differentiator – both from a product and marketing perspective.”