Andrea Rossi breaks down several countries in the LatAM region


andrea-rossi-breaks-down-several-countries-in-the-latam-regionWe’ve heard a lot lately about how Latin America will be the next big opportunity for gambling operators, but what is there that can be done today? Betsson is already making moves in the region, and our Becky Liggero Fontana spoke with Andrea Rossi, Commercial Director Southern Europe & LatAm at Betsson Group, to see what a major operator is already accomplishing in the region.

Rossi was happy to break down a few specific cases for us. With Upcoming in regulation in Brazil has made the market extremely appealing to the likes of Betsson. Rossi spoke about their decision to take a stake in Suaposta to prepare for the new market. Liggero Fontana asked why Brazil is expected to be such a lucrative new space. “Brazil will probably be regulated quite soon, the biggest regulated market in the world,” he said. “So let’s put it this way, 250 million people already having understanding on betting, because there are some operators that are actually operating in that market for now, and people is understanding the betting.”

Argentina may be no slouch either, and Rossi was happy to talk about their attempt to get a license in Argentina with Casino Victoria, and how happy Betsson is with their new partner. “They are market leaders in land-based casinos, they are present in several provinces in Argentina. So of course, it’s important now in view of the province of Buenos Aires, we all know that city of Buenos Aires is also regulating, and in the future, we expect also other provinces.”

When talking about some of the differences Latin America presents for operators, Rossi noted that Colombia still has a very retail focus, whereas Peru has shifted to more online payments. But the regulated markets, namely Colombia and Mexico, are where the competition is heating up, and Rossi predicted localization will be the deciding factor. “So, when an international operator is going into that market, it has to adapt and embrace the local culture, understand what the customer really are after, and the trust,” he said.

In the full interview, Rossi goes more in depth on what each country has to offer, the difficulties they present, and more inside information on how Betsson is approaching the region. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel to see every interview we make as it goes up.