Disney World Orlando may become temporary sports world


disney-world-orlando-may-become-temporary-sports-worldDisney World in Orlando, FL might soon find Mickey Mouse and Goofy temporarily replaced by the likes of Clutch the Bear and Pierre the Pelican. The NBA is desperately trying to figure out how to complete the season that was called off in March due to the coronavirus, and the popular theme park is seen as a possible option to host all remaining games. There are still a lot of issues that have to be worked out before anything can happen but, as the country looks to rebound from the global pandemic, sports will help the recovery process on multiple levels. 

The Athletic’s Shams Charania and Sam Amick seem to feel that Walt Disney World Resort is the most likely spot for the pro basketball league to hold its games. Las Vegas has also been considered, and isn’t out of the running, but the plethora of accommodations at Disney are proving to be a stronger enticement. The subject is apparently taking a serious tone, as Yahoo reports that Disney has already begun to prep its hotel spaces ahead of a possible incursion of towering basketball players. 

Among the first issues to iron out, after it is determined whether the season can even continue, is what games will be played. About 75% of the hoops action had been completed when the coronavirus came in, and the league will have to determine, along with players, whether to play the remaining 25% of the regular season, or move directly into the playoffs. As with any sensitive subject, the organization is polarized on how to proceed. 

On one hand, there are players like Chris Paul and LeBron James who support the idea of completing the season, no matter when or where. Provided the adequate health protocols can be guaranteed, they’ll be more than happy to suit up to find a season champ. On the other hand, there are players like Shaquille O’Neal, who believes the best solution at this point is to just scrap the rest of the year and put it in the books as a write-off. It would be an unprecedented move, but these are unprecedented times. 

Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, has already made his thoughts on the subject known, indicating about a week ago that he wants to see a return to action no later than the middle of July. Teams would need to allow some time for players to practice as a group and get back into shape before any games could be held, and he envisions a return to the practice courts within a couple of weeks. If the timeline holds up and games start sometime in July, there’s a really good chance that the start of the 2020-21 season will have to be delayed.