Who are the favourites for each NFL Division and will they win?


With just a week to go until the NFL Draft, we’ve already looked at five banker bets that are highly likely to be printing money, while we’ve also tipped ten points of value across five bets that could make you a profit at odds-against.

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who-are-the-favourites-for-each-nfl-division-and-will-they-winNow it’s time to look at each of the eight divisions in both the American Football Conference and National Football Conference. Over the years, the AFC has produced 20 SuperBowl winners to the NFC’s 24 winners since 1970 and the formation of the National Football League (NFL). But who will put themselves into the postseason by winning their divisions in 2020? Let’s take a look and find some value.

AFC East

Favourites: New England Patriots (11/10)

Until last season, this would be have been a lock for the Pats, with Tom Brady leading the New England Patriots to unparalleled success over the past 20 years. With Brady’s departure to Tampa Bay casting the division’s potential winners into a little more question, it might be time to switch. Brady will be tough to replace on the pitch, but impossible to replace in spirit. That’s bound to have a huge effect on the Pats and you’ll want to grab this value now.

Ask yourself this – how many of these plays relied on Tom Brady being in the team?


Our tip: Buffalo Bills to win the AFC East (28/17)

AFC North

Favourites: Baltimore Ravens (5/9) – tipped

All the talk is about the Cincinatti Bengals in the AFC North, as Joe Burrow looks set to be drafted as first pick by the AFC North whipping boys. Just how much can one man – albeit one with a golden arm that appears to be equipped with a 100-yard laser sight – make a difference? You can still get on Burrow’s Bengals at 30/1 to win the AFC North, but this is largely because of the all-round quality the Baltimore Ravens possess. Billed as the ‘Kings of the North’, this highlights reel shows exactly why the Ravens are coming for the AFC North title again:

AFC South

Favourites: Indianapolis Colts (9/5)

One of the most open divisions, only the Jacksonville Jaguars look outsiders in this division, and even they are appetizing at a best price of 14/1. While the favourites are the Colts at 9/5 and the Houston Texans are 3/1, we like the look of the Tennessee Titans at 2/1. With 29th pick in the first round of the forthcoming NFL Draft, only nine places back from the Jaguars, the Titans could well end up top of the shop.

They were certainly exciting to watch in the 2019 season.


Our tip: Tennessee Titans to win the AFC South (2/1)

AFC West

Favourites: Kansas City Chiefs (2/9) – tipped

It’s impossible to see past the Kansas City Chiefs or the Denver Broncos in this division, with the two teams completely dominant over the past decade. The Chiefs have gone into the last four post-seasons as division title winners and should still be backed even at short odds.

This is how the Kansas City Chiefs performed last year during the regular season.


NFC East

Favourites: Philadelphia Eagles (13/10)

Despite the Washington Redskins getting second pick overall in the forthcoming NFL Draft, this two-horse division features two other outstanding teams who should be able to hold off the challenge of the Redskins at a best price of 11/1 and New York Giants, who can still be backed at 15/2. It would seem to be a direct pick between the Dallas Cowboys (27/20) and the Philadelphia Eagles (13/10) who are virtually side-by-side in the betting stakes.

Crucially perhaps, the Dallas Cowboys are ahead of the Eagles in the NFL Draft 1st Round, picking 17th rather than 21st and 51st as opposed to 53rd in the second round. Able to beat their opponents to the punch in both of the first two NFL Draft rounds, we’re going with the Cowboys, who will want revenge for this defeat in Week #16 of the 2019 regular NFL season.

Our tip: Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East (27/20)

NFC North

Favourites: Green Bay Packers (13/8)

Another division that looks to be a difficult call is the NFC North, with Green Bay Packers (13/8) only marginally ahead of Minnesota Vikings (9/5) in the running. While both those teams are going to provide stiff competition, and even Detroit Lions at 8/1 will be a team to watch, we like the look of the Chicago Bears at 9/2, especially as they traded for Nick Foles. If he can recover to full fitness in Chicago and turn in performances like the SuperBowl-winning MVP show he put on just a couple of season ago for the Eagles, he’s sure to impress.

Our Tip: Chicago Bears to win NFC North (9/2)

NFC South

Favourites: New Orleans Saints (Evens)

If we’re saying that the New England Patriots might struggle without tom Brady, then we have to consider what kind of a boost it will give Tampa – already with an excellent roster – to have Tom Brady in their line-up.

While Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers will likely struggle, the impact that Brady could have is difficult to overstate. He has the golden arm of recent NFL history, and is capable of splitting any defense as you can see here:

Our tip: Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win NFC South (2/1)

NFC West

Favourites: San Francisco 49ers (6/5) – tipped

Our final picks for division-topping glory are the San Francisco 49ers, who are the favourites to top the table in the NFC West. While the Arizona Cardinals acquisition of DeAndre Hopkins should give them a boost, that’s likely only to draw the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams into a battle for second place. The 49ers got so close to glory in last year’s SuperBowl, losing to the Chiefs in a brilliant battle. Can they go one step further this coming season?