Matt Dickson on how operators can use Bitcoin SV with Bitboss


CoinGeek London was the perfect place for Bitboss to demonstrate the advances they are bringing to the gaming industry with the power of Bitcoin SV (BSV). But understanding the depth of how this benefits operators, affiliates, content creators and players required a few more questions, so our Becky Liggero Fontana caught up with CEO Matt Dickson on the sidelines of the event.

Bitboss has already proven they can competently make their own games, including Baccarat, roulette and lottery games, with Keno and slot machines on the way. But what makes the company special is its application of the BSV blockchain. “We chose to build on BSV because we think that there’s some unique advantages on the BSV chain,” Dickson said. “Visibility in the transactions, proving to the customer that the RNG was fair, we also think there’s huge advantages for the content providers, if when people build their own games on our platform they get paid instantaneously. They can see with a hundred percent visibility what they’re supposed to get paid. And then finally, the affiliate marketers, the people that bring the customers to an online platform, they get paid 30%, 35% of the gaming revenue.”

To help gambling industry operators to also get on chain, Bitboss has been working on applications to help them transition smoothly. “We built our own proprietary BSV wallet,” he said. “We wrote our own libraries in JavaScript, and those APIs are standard, they allow content providers to basically tie into the wallet and use the full functionality of the wallet, from getting balances to formulating transactions, and passing that that bet along to the chain.”

But how can developers learn to work with Bitcoin, Liggero Fontana asked. “So I think if you’re a content creator it’s pretty simple: You’re used to calling a server and asking for balances and things like that, now you’re just talking to our APIs and getting the balance right out of your customers wallet,” Dickson explained. “So I don’t think there’s a huge learning curve, it’s a little different, the thinking has to change somewhat, but the advantages of building on our platform, I think, far outweigh the amount of time it would take to get up to speed.”

The bottom line of what Bitboss is offering is better, more efficient technology. While using BSV to accomplish that is necessary, Dickson wants to emphasize that selling buzz words isn’t what he’s about. “What we’re trying to really do is take BSV out of the equation,” he said. “We want the platform running on BSV, but we don’t want people to know it’s on BSV.”