The top seven poker players to follow on Twitter


Last week, we compiled a list of seven players you’ll want to investigate on Instagram. This week, however, we’re taking a look at the most popular players to take to Twitter.

the-top-seven-poker-players-to-follow-on-twitterTwitter is a great platform for poker players. Tweets have to be short – 280 characters to be precise, but they are typically a lot shorter. Perfect for poker players, whose wit is often best condensed to a simple bitesize piece of brilliance. These seven know exactly how to pitch it and have over 1.5 million followers between them.

They’re not just the most popular, however, as we’ve included a couple of our favourites from the recent Global Poker Awards nominations who deserve recognition with the ceremony to crown the winners taking place in just over a week’s time.

Matt Salsberg

Somehow, the dry wit of TV writer Matt Salsberg failed to make the final four in the GPA nominations, but with over 12,000 followers, he has a gleeful following of devotees to his fun-poking style. Frequently taking on those who blow their own trumpet, he can burst any bubble out there, and is just as happy to laugh at himself.

Daniel Negreanu

With over 480,000 followers, ‘DNegs’ is one of the most entertaining players to follow on Twitter simply because he is so naturally divisive with his opinions, and they often aren’t themselves volatile or controversial views.

Negreanu, who last year quit PokerStars, got married and signed up as a sponsored player for GG Poker, is often keen to air his point of view on such topics as politics, veganism and, of course, poker. He’s a must-follow and almost half a million followers can’t be wrong.

Barny Boatman

Whilst by comparison, Hendon Mobster Barny Boatman has only 8,266, the spit into the ocean of Negreanu’s followers is arguably better aimed coming from the mouth of one of Britain’s finest poker exports.

Boatman regularly lampoons himself among the human race in general and his laconic sense of humour is a refreshing change to the usual poker updates of chip counts and tournament ‘highlights’. If you’re on the lookout for a cynical yet hilarious eye on the ludicrous world we live in, Barny’s your man.

Doyle Brunson

The living legend that is Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson has almost 400,000 followers on Twitter, and as well as regaling his fans with his anecdotes of World Series’ past and present, Brunson is – like Daniel Negreanu – an interested political observer and a devout Christian to boot.

The life-loving Texan is a proud father and grandfather and a part of poker history, so to still have regular access into his life is something for poker fans to treasure while it’s still possible.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth may be the Poker Brat, but his poker lifestyle on Twitter is anything but brattish. Hellmuth is all about #POSITIVITY on the platform and his 283,000 followers lap it up.

Living the life of Phil Hellmuth is something that many poker fans aspire to, and Hellmuth is well aware of it. The Las Vegas resident plays up to his persona brilliantly on the site and while it might not be the most authentic, true-to-life window into a celebrity’s world you’ll get on social media, it’s definitely one of the most entertaining.

Phil Ivey

While many of Phil Ivey’s 440,000 followers on Twitter might be on the platform just to see what controversy stalks the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner next, Ivey’s life aboard the rollercoaster of high stakes poker is worth watching all the same.

Ivey’s life may be about to feature in a forthcoming movie about his ‘edge-sorting’ scandal, but his actual life is even more exciting than the movies.

Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan’s hour in the sun might be argued that it was the height of his Full Tilt, High Stakes Poker superstardom, with fans of the young phenom everywhere during poker’s online boom.

With over 164,000 followers, Dwan’s pursuit of poker stardom in today’s very different age is fascinating, pitching his prodigious skills against a whole new array of Chinese Poker enthusiasts and high stakes legends.