Fourth iGaming Idol Awards a celebration of diversity


The fourth annual iGaming Idol Awards already promised to be quite an event, but the recent nominations have made this one for the ages. The September 11 event is already drawing lots of media buzz as several women have been nominated for awards, showing how the industry has become a leader in gender diversity.

fourth-igaming-idol-awards-a-celebration-of-diversityThis gala event will be held at the InterContinental Arena in Malta and should be an event full of glamour and entertainment.

This year’s event will be the greatest in history as over 2,000 unique nominations have been included. This includes several women who have received more than 50% of the total number of award nominees. This shows how the once male-dominated industry has quickly evolved to become a space where women have just as much of a chance to succeed as men.

This important moment is being hailed by those within the industry and those who are leading the award show. This includes Pierre Lindh, managing director of the Ambassador Events, who explained, “With more than 2000 nominations this year, we are thrilled to see the year on year increase in the number of talented women amongst our finalists. As an industry veteran, I’m excited to see that our traditionally male-dominated industry is now edging closer towards diversity, which is in everyone’s best interest.”

Natasha Gowans, head of communications at GIG concurs, adding, “It is incredibly inspiring to see so many female role models as finalists in this year’s iGaming Idol. While all of these men and women finalists are making their impact, it is uplifting to see increased visibility in particular of the women in the industry.“

While the women’s ascendency is quite possibly the biggest story of the event, iGaming Idol should be one that will capture the essence of how this industry has grown. The award show first began in 2016 and has been focused on recognizing three pillars: individuals, charity, and entertainment.

The event will recognize men and women from a large number of categories. This includes such things as Affiliate Manager Idol of the Year, Casino Idol of the Year, Customer Service Idol of the Year, and Design Idol of the Year. In all, there are 20 major categories that will be recognized.

Check out the official iGaming Idol website to learn more about the event.