iGB Live! 2019 Day 1 recap


iGB Live! 2019 has officially opened its doors at the RAI in Amsterdam, a gathering for all professionals in the iGaming industry, a one-stop shop that so many of us look forward to each year.

With over 5,000 visitors expected over the course of the next two days, it’s a full house at iGB Live. 200 exhibitors and sponsors have lit up the expo floor and 25 hours of content have been dedicated to educating delegates on the hottest topics out there today.

The HQ portion of the event was also packed, featuring exciting topics such as the intersection between blockchain and iGaming. Eric Benz of Changelly.com expertly moderated a panel on this exact subject, including panelist Simit Naik, director of business services at nChain; Tony Ure, head of e-gaming for Isle of Man; Adriaan Brink of BETR; and Andrey Kuznetsox of KamaGames.

Naik did a wonderful job explaining how Bitcoin SV stands out from the other blockchains in terms of its ability to massively scale and a focus on working with governments and regulators to help operators remain compliant.

“A lot of what we do at nChain is focusing on research. Research in new tools, techniques and methods that we can apply to Bitcoin SV. So within gaming, a big part of our focus is on provably fair gaming,” Naik revealed.

“Now the further we evolve in this ecosystem, provably fair gaming is going to become more important. Especially when you think about responsible gaming. And the fact that nChain is at the forefront of the research into how we can do this on-chain, you’re reducing the need for people to develop off-chain or solutions or services that need to sit outside of the gaming operator,” he told CalvinAyre.com.

“You then get away of having regulators who come in and certify your pure random number generating systems. Everything is on-chain, everything is independently verifiable and that’s a key thing for the next evolution in gaming,” he said.

Here at iGB Live! to showcase their new brand, “all-in.global” (formerly All-in Translations), CEO Tiago Aprigio was happy to explain the purpose of their rebrand and some of the challenges that came along with it. As their services grew far beyond translations and more into localization, SEO, video content and so on, Aprigio and team wanted to adopt a brand name that better represents their services.

“Translation, localization, this is all we do. When it comes to localization, it takes into account the cultural background of the player in this case, so they can understand the message. It’s just not about translating word by word, its about conveying meaning so this is all we do,” Aprigio explained.

“All of our translators and content writers are native in their language, the most of the time live in their actual country, so they are living their culture in a day-to-day basis, they know the players and it makes things much simpler for us. We only recruit translators and content writers that are native and can convey meaning in their translation process,” he added.

Over at the iGB Affiliate Amsterdam Conference, presenters enlightened affiliates and others on SEO, social media and additional marketing strategies. On The Tools’ Andy Taylor delivered a presentation on Facebook Live and shared with CalvinAyre.com how the iGaming industry can best take advantage of this instant video content tool.

“I think [iGaming companies] can create real value for people that follow them. People that follow them have obviously got an interest in what they are doing and I see an opportunity there to talk about strategies, to talk about their opinions on bets and things like that, I think there’s an opportunity to have things like tipsters and maybe that’s the value there,” Taylor said.

“I would still have an element of competition because that’s the real hook for people but whilst you’ve got them on that hook you can deliver them more commercial messages. So I think there’s a great opportunity for this industry,” he said.

The beauty of iGB Live is having access to all corners of the iGaming industry under one roof, the original vision of this event when it was created nearly ten years ago (who remembers iGaming Super Show Prague and the CalvinAyre.com launch party??) Philip Canavan, director of SEM Global, specializes in sponsorship and partnership strategy for the betting industry and finds immense value in attending iGB Live.

“This is my fourth year at this show, I think its definitely one of my favorite shows of the year,” Canavan shared with CalvinAyre.com.

“It’s big enough but small enough in my eyes, for us its very relevant because the operators and the consumer-facing brands have a presence here, so it’s a really good opportunity for us to come and see 10, 15 different guys over a two-day period, whereas given the global nature of the industry, it can be very expensive and very time consuming to go and see everyone individually,” he said.

“Amsterdam’s a great place to be, everyone always seems to be in good spirits when they’re here and we’re having a great time,” he added.