Launch Party, Bday Party, Live Stream, Booth, and F1. F me!

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The time has almost come- its the day before the big day, the kick off of the iGaming SUPER Show, the launch party, and Calvin’s birthday. Yes, I’m talking about May 25th- a day that could quite possibly go down in igaming history as best day of the year. The iGaming SUPER show has created a gigantic buzz throughout igaming land and we’ve got what promises to be the biggest show of the entire year coming right up.

In addition to having a ridiculous line up of official conference parties and networking activities, we’ve got a huge expo hall combining the affiliate and B2B sides of igaming world, multiple tracks of informative sessions and speakers, and F1 Driver David Coulthard as the keynote speaker.

First up during our week of Prague iGaming SUPER Show craziness is the launch party sponsored by and iGB Magazine, a party that you must attend or die trying. Naturally we don’t want to you DIE if you escaped the guest list, so no suicide attempts please because there are so many other beautiful things about this party and conference that you just cannot miss.

You do have one last chance to win tickets to our event, so please have a look at the NEW Alpha site and give us your best feedback! Also, will be streaming live from the party starting around 9:30pm GMT (10:30pm Prague time), so even if you cannot make it inside, you can watch from the outside at and pretend that you are there (or at least say that you were!) Right, I know what you’re thinking- F you Becky, cut the bull$hit, I want a ticket! Trust me though, no one will ever know the difference- just get yourself a bottle of absinthe and enjoy- we’ll all be so drunk that people won’t even know the difference between Bob Rains and Bodog Becky.

For those of you who are able to peel yourselves out of bed after Tuesday night’s craziness, team will be at booth 104 in the iGaming Business Zone all day Wednesday and Thursday, so please come by and meet us! The extremely sexy Ayre Heads will be interviewing away at the booth news desk, and so will I, but if you are interested in getting interviewed by me, stop by after lunch only please…I’ll be camped out in my room choosing DAF awards and updating the Party SINdex on an early morning basis, thank you very much.

Another reason to suck up the hang over and get over to the exhibition center is because F1 driver David Coulthard’s keynote speech will be taking place at 11:45am on Wednesday morning the 26th, and this is something that you certainly don’t want to miss. David has won 13 Grand Prix races over the 15 years he has been competing, and as the Jetbull Brand Ambassador, he’ll be speaking with us about the challenges and benefits of celebrity endorsements and the relationship between sports and sports gambling.

So there you have it people, a nice well rounded week in Prague coming up with an absurd amount of gamblin’, drinkin’ and carryin’ on- just the way we like it! See you very soon…


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