Game maker Bandai Namco ready to join gambling market


Bandai Namco is not new to casino games, or games in general but now it looks like they will take one step closer to doing it all on their own. The company has announced the production of a Pac-Man Video-Bingo machine, which has already hit the market.

bandai-namco-inches-closer-casino-gaming-marketWorking with Spanish developer Meetronia and U.K.-based Quixant, the three companies developed and began producing the machine earlier this year. It became operational at the beginning of April.

This isn’t their first foray into gambling though. In 2016, they partnered with Australia-based Ainsworth Game Technology to begin producing casino-style games. The game developer was responsible for handling the software related aspects of the machine, including such things as sound effects, graphics, and other “game-like” parts to make the machine more appealing to users. This led to the development of a Pac-Man style video slot machine which became a popular choice almost immediately.

In September 2017, Gamblit Gaming made a deal with Bandai Namco in which the game maker would create the software for a Pac-Man style game, as well as drawing off of several of their other popular titles. Games produced by Bandai Namco had become a huge part of the culture in many countries, and so it only made sense to start drawing on that familiarity to produce casino games that would draw consumers to them.

In November of that year, the first Pac-Man games hit the casinos. While it was the nostalgia of the games that was the allure, Marcus Yoder from Gamblit Gaming explained that it was those in the 21- to 39-year-old range that were the most active users of the new games. This proves that these types of games have an evergreen feeling to them that no matter how old you are people are still drawn to the popular games.

With the company now producing their own machines, it is likely that several more of their popular games will find their way onto the casino floors. They should make their presence in the gambling industry has recognizable as they are in the game making genre. Now millions of people across the globe will be able to enjoy the same kind of pleasure playing popular games they enjoyed as kids. Only this time they are doing it hoping they when money.