SBTech’s Dave Hammond on delivering innovation to make clients happy

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Platform providers need to understand their operator’s needs, while also staying at the cutting edge of innovation. SBTech chief operating officer Dave Hammond joined’s Becky Liggero to talk about how his company does that, and what they’re currently up to.

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SBTech is just coming off announcing their new product ‘Big Bang’ AT ICE 2019. It’s a product Hammond is very enthusiastic about. “We believe in, and I know that we are specifically in a place that no one else can deliver this product,” he said. “We have a platform that allows us to deliver a jackpot system across all of our verticals to all of our operators. So that can be sports betting, that can be across our casino, live casino, that could be across all third party providers as well.”

They went all out with the announcement as well, and SBTech is happy with the initial reaction. “We have the big champ here, we had Tyson Fury with us, launching our product,” Hammond notes. “We had our product experts that explaining our product to all of our colleagues, clients and databases of people we have here. And we’ve had a superb reaction to the launch of ‘Big Bang’ already.”

The innovation of ‘Big Bang’ is in bringing jackpots to sports betting, and with it, increased value for operators and players. Hammond explains:

“We know that in sports betting, it doesn’t exist anywhere else for any other clients. We know, that if we deliver the right product, which we believe we are, our analytics team and our data science research tells us that when we deliver this to sports bettors it will drive frequency and it will drive return, and retention of our clients across sports betting. “

Hammond was enthusiastic about being at ICE 2019 in general though, for the opportunity it brings to his company. He explained, “This is the best opportunity we have to meet all of our clients, entertain our clients, brief them on our product launches, introduce them to the people that make SBTech successful, our team and our product experts.”

Looking ahead, new markets will play a big role in SBTech’s growth, and specially the United States. “We’re already live in two states,” Hammond notes. “We have three customers that we’re launching. We go live tomorrow again hopefully, all things being well in the lab, we go live again with our next client in New Jersey. So we’ve been concentrating on delivering more countries, more innovation, more customers, and at the end of the day, more happy clients at the user end.”


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