UK Gambling Commission wants to know your thoughts on credit cards

UK Gambling Commission wants to know your thoughts on credit cards

UK Gambling Commission wants to know your thoughts on credit cardsIn a gesture that will be inspiring for fans of democracy, the U.K.’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) is asking for input. In an announcement on their website, the UKGC is asking for members of the public, operators, and other stakeholders to let them know what they think about Category B gaming machines, and gambling with credit cards.

This is all part of a drive the group started last year, in promoting responsible gambling and playing within your means. In fact, their push to make Britons question using credit cards for making wagers has caused some members of parliament to consider banning the option.

Explaining the request for participating, Paul Hope, executive director at the UKGC, said:

“We are exploring measures that could help reduce the risk of harm to consumers who use their credit cards to gamble online, and to those who play on all Category B machines. We want consumers, gambling firms and other interested parties to have their say and provide evidence that will help us make gambling safer.”

They also specifically ask operators to comment on how they will rise to the occasion with the government’s new protections for players using Category B gaming machines. Those machines are typically categorized as having a top prize of £500, and the government recently mandated that they can have a maximum stake of no more than £2, reduced from the previous £100.

It’s not out of the ordinary for the UKGC to reach out to the public for input. A few months ago, they asked for input on improving age and identity verification procedures in casinos. In a country where half the population is begging to be heard about Brexit, it’s refreshing to see one part of the government open to opinion.

If the UKGC came to me, I could already point to what I wrote the last time they threatened credit card spending. It’s none of your business how I spend my credit, and that’s why I prefer to gamble with Bitcoin SV (BSV). No bank, credit card issuer, or government can tell me how to spend my BSV, and it’s superior to these third party payment systems anyway.