Players want stability—they can have it with Bitcoin SV

Players want stability—they can have it with Bitcoin SV

Gamblers are creatures of habit, and with good reason. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. This applies to how they interact with online gambling operators in every way. The website has a fresh new look? They don’t know if they like it yet. A new policy being enforced at the poker tables? This changes too much! Where it really gets serious though is when it affects their money, and all too often that comes down to payment providers.

Players want stability—they can have it with Bitcoin SVIn my previous life, I worked in customer service for an online gambling site. By far, the toughest type of call I could ever hope to handle was just after a payment provider denied a player service, or just plain stopped operation.

It gets personal.

“Is there something wrong with me? Am I doing something wrong? Why can’t I use my money any way I want to?” These are the types of things a player wonders when they can’t use their favorite payment provider all of a sudden. On occasion, they’ll be understanding of the situation and move on to the next suggested option. More often, they’ll blame the operator for giving them another financial headache. In the majority of cases, we’d lose a valuable player because the headache of learning a new option just wasn’t worth it to them.

Most of this can be blamed on big, centralized financial institutions. Every few years, they get skittish of online gambling and start denying transactions. Then payment providers can’t operate and have to shut down. Citizens of France have realized their banks might hold too much power and have started to strike back.

Sometimes though it just comes down to payment provider greed, and relationships break down between operator and provider.

For operators to fix the vicious cycle of unreliable payment options, they need to cut out the middle-man. The best option for that is Bitcoin SV (BSV), and the sooner operators add it as their No. 1 recommended option, the sooner they’ll cut out this source of attrition.

Since BSV cuts out the middlemen, and does not depend on the good graces of a bank, players are never going to get their transaction denied on a whim. That reliability is huge in a player’s world-view, because they don’t want that last-minute deposit before the big game to get shut down.

Compared to other options on the market, BSV is undeniably the most attractive in every other way as well. It’s impressively fast, extremely cheap to use, and its ability to massively scale guarantees that network congestion will never delay transactions when you need them most.

Operators that make the jump to BSV first, and tease their player base into using the new option with the right incentives (and there should be budget enough for that if payment provider fees are no longer a concern) will see dividends paid out handsomely. Better yet, a future customer service agent won’t have to hand out unnecessary amateur therapy.