3 Barrels: 888Poker ambassadors star; RomeoPro top pro; Pick’em8 official

3: Barrels: 888Poker ambassadors star; RomeoPro top pro; Pick'em8 official

3: barrels of an oaky 888Poker flavour as Martin Jacobson, Dominik Nitsche and Parker Talbot create headlines; Roman “Romeopro” Romanovsky ends the year as 888Poker’s official ‘End Boss’, and the online poker room make Pick’em8 official.

3: Barrels: 888Poker ambassadors star; RomeoPro top pro; Pick'em8 officialWave after wave of PokerStars related stories hit my email inbox like a tsunami on a daily basis. I could write about them all day. They play the game well. They dominate the headlines more than anyone because they are always giving writers something to write.

partypoker wins the Most Improved Award for Getting Stuff In My Face. The success of the MILLIONS brand, both live and online has helped, but there is still work to do in leveraging the wealth of stories that live inside the skulls of the most substantial swathe of ambassadors in the world.

Bringing up the rear is 888Poker.

I always struggle to create a headline containing the three snowmen. Most of the time it feels like knitting snow. I like a challenge. Let’s give it a go.

888Poker Ambassadors Shine 

Three 888Poker Ambassadors gave me reasons to write about them this week. We’ll start with the former World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event Champion, Martin Jacobson, who took down the $2,100 Sunday High Roller playing on PokerStars on Sunday.

82-entrants created a prize pool of $164,000 beating the $150,000 guarantee, and Jacobson took down the $39,838 first prize playing under the pseudonym “M.nosbocaj.”

Nine players bagged some cash, including some impressive names.

Here are the final table results:

Final Table

1. Martin “M.nosbocaj” Jacobson – $39,838
2. Topdoll827 – $31,248
3. Pimmss – $24,511
4. Sphinx87 – $19,226
5. Rodrigo “sonmonedas” Perez – $15,080
6. Connor “blanconegro” Drinan – $11,829
7. Richard “a Bull 67” Loth – $9,278
8. Claas “SsicK_OnE” Segebrecht – $7,277
9. Guillaume “Nolet20” Nolet – $5,708

Dominik Nitsche had a topsy-turvy weekend/week.

The German star shunned the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) in Prague in favour for the World Poker Tour (WPT) Five Diamond World Poker Classic, and although he never cashed in the record-breaking $10,000 Main Event, he fared better in the $100,000 buy-in event.

37-entrants created a prize pool of $3.7m, and Nitsche finished fourth for $370,000 with six getting paid.

Here are those final table results:

$100k ITM Results

1. Jake Schindler – $1,332,000
2. Jason Koon – $888,000
3. Chris Hunichen – $592,000
4. Dominik Nitsche – $370,000
5. Ben Tollerene – $296,000
6. Talal Shakerchi – $222,000

Unpeterbed, immediately after Nitsche bailed from the event he hopped into a taxi, told the driver to head to the ARIA, entered a $10k buy-in event and won it for $125,000.

The ARIA hasn’t furnished The Hendon Mob with the results, so we don’t have them to share with you, but here’s proof that we’re not making this shit up.

Nitsche then entered the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl V (SHRB) but failed to make an impact busting to Dan Smith on a day Nitsche said he ran ice cold. 

Last but not least, 888Poker Ambassador, Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot, had the run of his life in EPT Prague finishing 6/1,174 for a career-high €179,360.

Here is the final table of that event:

Final Table Results

1. Paul Michaelis – €840,000*
2. Artem Koblynskyi – €571,910*
3. Alexandr Merzhvinskii – €631,500*
4. Laurynas Levinskas – €316,000
5. Carlos Branco – €242,560
6. Parker Talbot – €179,360
7. Liviu Ignat – €136,720
8. Diego Zeiter – €97,420
*Signifies a deal

The Biggest Winners of 888Poker During 2018 

Jacobson, Nitsche and Talbot may have had some results this week, but not one of them feature in the Top 10 winners on 888Poker as 2018 comes to a close. 

PocketFives scribe Jeff Walsh crunched the numbers, and here they are.

Top MTT Beasts on 888Poker in 2018

1. Roman “Romeopro” Romanovsky – $405,285.50
2. Tomi “emeriaa” Brouk – $349,763.92
3. Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot – $238,121.72
4. Machiavelli3 – $219,218.72
5. Simon “C Darwin2” Mattsson – $212,599.18
6. Crib09 – $179,030.08
7. Arsenii “josef_shvejk” Karmatskiy – $169,107.76
8. Niklas “lena900” Astedt – $161,278.63
9. Bryan “bparis” Paris – $156,778.42
10. Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski – $152,703.41

Romanovsky is currently ranked #10 in the PocketFives World Rankings, and his most significant 888 result of the year came when he beat Simon “C Darwin2” Mattsson, heads-up, to take the $187,500 first prize in September’s XL Eclipse $1,000,000 Main Event.

What’s lovely jubbly about seeing Romeopro at the top of that list is in 2017 he vowed to give $1m to effective charities should he earn enough to keep his lights on, food on the table and water running through his tap.

888 Finally Release Pick’em8 Press Release 

Finally, a story that’s a non-story because I covered it elsewhere, but 888Poker has officially told the press that they have a new game in the 888Poker lobby.

As you know, it’s a casino/poker hybrid called Pick’em8, and you know this because Pokerfuse told us so several days ago while all was quiet on 888Poker’s Western Front.

The one additional piece of information I learned from Chad Holloway’s article on the subject is that the new game is only available on PC for the time being.


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