Play’n GO appoints new sales director to advance sales strategy

Play’n GO appoints new sales director to advance sales strategy

Casino gaming content supplier Play’n GO is looking to boost its sales. While the company isn’t preparing any “wholesale changes,” according to CEO Johan Törnqvist, it has appointed Magnus Olsson to oversee both the sales and the account management teams. Olsson is the current sales director for the company.

Play’n GO appoints new sales director to advance sales strategyTörnqvist told that his goal is to streamline the company. He feels that including customer-facing divisions under the same management as sales will help improve Play’n GO’s operational efficiency.

The executive doesn’t anticipate any additional changes at this point. He affirmed, “We’re not rushing into anything here and we aren’t looking to make wholesale changes. What we’re doing as a company is working well we are just tweaking it so, for now, there are no major changes expected.”

Combining sales and account management under a single umbrella is “the first step in a strategy to focus on getting the most out of the customer-facing departments, and to create a globally streamlined sales organisation within the business,” according to Törnqvist. He added, “We’re aiming to streamline the organisation and bring sales and account management, our customer-facing departments, closer together for a better client experience. This move will bring the knowledge and experience of both sectors together to create a more consistent approach to the way we work.”

Olsson comes equipped with a proven track record of successful sales leadership. He has previously worked as a senior sales director for both Hewlett Packard and Juniper Networks, overseeing operations for multinational sales efforts. He began with Play’n GO this past January and said of the new responsibilities, “Play’n GO is a rapidly growing company and I look forward to driving continued growth and success here.”

Törnqvist threw additional praise at Olsson’s capabilities, saying, “Magnus’ experience will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the company. We can test out and import working business models from other industries, and then use them to enrich our current strategies moving forward.

“Magnus comes to us having gained a great deal of experience throughout his career and, in his short time with us, has already shown the qualities that we were looking for in order to move forward in this endeavour.”