Fernando Habegger challenges Doug Polk to a boxing match

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While the feud between poker’s William Kassouf and Shaun Deeb has remained strictly verbal, an on-going argument between Doug Polk and Fernando ‘JNandez’ Habegger could be taken to the next level. Agitated for what he perceived as unfair treatment as part of Polk’s Upswing Poker organization, Habegger took to social media to vent his frustrations, to which Polk was only too ready to respond. The battle has been heating up and now Habegger has challenged Polk to a boxing match.

From verbal to physical jabs: Fernando Habegger challenges Doug Polk to a boxing matchThe two have been going at each other in a series of videos and interviews, which has included Habegger accusing Polk of owing him money for his stint with Upswing. Habegger, who was the site’s Pot-Limit Omaha coach, left Upswing after a year. The battle began before that, however, after Polk suggested that Habegger was not the best business partner and accused him of stealing customers to use on his own training site, JNandez Poker.

This past Sunday, Habegger published a video that included a number of allegations launched toward Polk. He said that Polk owed him as much as $100,000 for his Upswing involvement. Polk fired back in a video of his own, detailing his business and the contract Habegger had signed.

On Monday, Habegger put up another video, extending a challenge to Polk. He said, “I’m challenging you to a $50,000 boxing match. If I win this boxing match against you, Doug Polk, I’m going to spend the $50,000 that I’ve won and get as many people as I can into the Colossus event of next year’s WSOP. I’m trying to protect the poker industry, and I’m trying to create justice for the situation others have encountered and myself.”

Later that day, Polk made an appearance on Joey Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast. After shooting the breeze for all of ten minutes, the two began talking about the fight. He said that “nothing proves that you’re right like challenging people to a fight,” subsequently adding, “I’m going to disappoint a lot of people here, but I am not going to accept the JNandez challenge. I know I’m letting some of you down, but I care more about my business and my name in this community than fighting someone.”

What a shame – that could have been an interesting battle. Nonetheless, there is still a possible battle brewing. Polk has indicated that Upswing is considering taking legal action against Habegger. Habegger has indicated that he had contemplated some type of legal action, but changed his mind. Ostensibly for a pugilistic preference.


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