Doug Polk launches mainstream news channel

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First, he was a poker player. Then, he was a poker vlogger. Next, he got into cryptocurrency and, of course, crypto vlogging. He continued his poker antics, though, often taking cheap shots at other players such as Daniel Negreanu. Last month, he even tried his hand at stand-up comedy in Las Vegas (although he admitted that he’s not any good at it). Now, Doug Polk, who has yet to make up his mind about what he wants to do, is going to become a mainstream news reporter.

Doug Polk launches mainstream news channelIn a post on Twitter, Polk announced that he will start covering news and comedy through yet another YouTube channel. He tweeted, “Starting a new YouTube channel for more mainstream news/comedy. Gonna kick it off doing news and go from there…” He even included a link to the first video, which can be viewed here.

Polk explains in the episode that he decided to try mainstream reporting because he sometimes wants to talk about “mainstream stuff” and doesn’t have a platform to do so. He added that one of his goals is to make videos that appeal to him, which apparently includes news from around the globe.

The new endeavor comes only six months after Polk got into crypto with his DougPolkCrypto channel. Now that the markets have been in a slump, he’s not feeling the love anymore and wants to try something new.

More recently, Polk decided to give stand-up comedy a try. He tweeted a post-performance video of the, um, unique show and stated, “Big moment for me yesterday, I went out on a limb and tried stand up comedy for the first time in my life. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I finally said let’s give it a try. Obviously I am quite bad, this is my first ever attempt. I’m sure there will be a bunch of trolls and whatnot, but I want to put it out there because I would like some constructive criticism so I can be better down the road.”

He deserves credit for following his dreams, for sure. Stay tuned to see where he heads in another six months.


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