The 13 casino developers hope name change will improve luck

The 13 casino developers hope name change will improve luck

A proposed casino called The 13 has met with a number of delays that make people understand why the number 13 is considered bad luck. Several times, launch dates and construction schedule deadlines have been missed and the casino developers, The 13 Holdings Ltd., have had to request more funds to complete the project. Now, The 13 hopes that, by changing its name, it can The 13 casino developers hope name change will improve luckpossibly reverse the string of bad luck.

The 13 has proposed changing the name of the company to South Shore Holdings Ltd. It submitted the proposal to shareholders on Tuesday, who approved the measure. The reason given for the name change is to “provide a clear delineation” between the company’s corporate identity and that of the casino, which will retain the 13 name.

The project, which sits on the Cotai-Coloane border, was expected to launch hotel operations by April 30. This was changed to June 30. The delays follow several from last year that saw the construction being held up.

Only the hotel portion would open by the end of June. The casino is currently scheduled to open by the end of March of 2019, and will operate 66 gaming tables, a quarter of which will be reserved for VIP action. The remainder will go to “premium mass” customers. If it stays on schedule, the casino will launch at the same time that The 13 offers some of its retail shops.

During the shareholders meeting on Tuesday, the company was also given permission to dispose of its interests in its Paul Y Engineering Group Ltd. (PYE) subsidiary. The 13 currently owns about 51.8% in the company and could see as much as $38.2 million in revenue picked up through the sale of its stake. PYE has been part of the construction group for The 13 casino, and has also built The Altira and Studio City.

It hasn’t been easy for The 13. Its founder, Stephen Hung, abandoned his position in January and sold all his holdings. In February, The 13 reported that it needed about $124.4 million to complete the unfinished hotel. The project has also been delayed as the company tried to source a gambling license for its casino operations. It reported in February that it has found a concessionaire with which it will operate the casino, but has not released the name of the license holder.