Dov Allin: Cryptocurrency is the new way to pay

CAI Dov Allin

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Dov Allin of Marketing Cross Media explains why more affiliates are choosing cryptocurrencies as their preferred payment solution.

Cryptocurrency as a payments solution is becoming a popular option for many marketing affiliates nowadays, especially those that are based in Asia. More than the convenience, Dov Allin of Marketing Cross Media believes cryptocurrencies provide a safety blanket for Asia-based affiliates, which are prone to government crackdowns.

“Bitcoin is very attractive for affiliates and in Asia, because they have a big issue with the government. The government track the payments from operators to affiliates,” Allin told “A few months ago, I know an affiliate. The police came to his house. He kept everything because the police keep on tracking the payments he’s been receiving from the operators.”

Allin advised operators to include cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method for affiliates.

“We are in the online marketing and most of the affiliates are all around the world. Be prepared to receive money like you receive money from your players. Be prepared to pay your affiliates in multiple ways,” he said. “This [cryptocurrency] is the new way to pay.”

For new operators wanting to setup an effective management system, Allin recommended going with a third party provider since it’s always updated and trusted by affiliates.

“I have different types of operators coming to us to do marketing with us. We have three types [of operators]: one who has no affiliate platform, which is very difficult to work with affiliates; the second one has a self-built platform, which is not trustful for affiliates. The last one, which I advise, is get something that is already existing, a third party like post-affiliate pro, which I prefer.”