Martin Jacobson joins India’s PSL giving fans a glimpse of the 888 brand

Martin Jacobson joins India’s PSL giving fans a glimpse of the 888 brand

Martin Jacobson is the most high profile wildcard entry for Season 2 of India’s Poker Sports league, opening up the 888Poker brand to the countries eyeballs for the first time. 

People pay well over a hundred pounds to travel First Class on the Great Western train from Swansea to London Paddington, and it’s crap. The trolley guy just asked me if I wanted anything. I asked for a cup of green tea and a bag of crisps. They only serve crisps in the afternoon. The wi-fi doesn’t work, and there is only one toilet. It never works.

Martin Jacobson joins India’s PSL giving fans a glimpse of the 888 brandA few weeks ago, I went to the cinema to watch Ready Player One, and there was an ad for Great Western. It amused me. I wondered how much money they had wasted? If I want to travel from Swansea to London, I have to take the Great Western train, ad or no ad.

Marketing comes in many forms.

Sticking an ad in the cinema is one such route. Providing a top-notch service (more than one toilet, wi-fi that works, and crisps in the morning) is another way to go about things. Planting a well oiled ambassadorial machine into the middle of the masses is another way.

I can’t see Great Western Railway going for the last option. I mean, where would he sit, and what would he say, but 888Poker have the right idea.

Next week sees the start of Season 2 of the Poker Sports League (PSL) in India. The country expects big things after league owner, Amit Burman, called Season 1 a mere trailer compared to what Season 2 had to offer.

In India, poker’s the kid who refuses to wear a school tie, never does his homework, and smokes during the dinner break. Considering India is the second most populous place on earth it’s vital that they sort this kid out. PSL exists for that very reason.

11-teams will compete for 3.6 crores in prize money. Each team consists of 10-players broken down as a mentor, captain, two pros, two live qualifiers, three online qualifiers, and two wild-card entrants.

Players from across India have been competing in online and live qualifiers for three months to appear in the PSL, and in the past few weeks, the PSL team managers have been announcing their wildcard entrants, and there is one standout name.

Martin Jacobson Joins the Poker Sports League 

Martin Jacobson has joined the reigning champions, The Delhi Panthers, as their primary wildcard pick. The decision by Jacobson to compete in the PSL is a coup for the owners. Jacobson is one of the most talented players in the world and carries the prestige of being a former World Series of Poker(WSOP) Main Event champion, an accolade that will have made the Swede a star amongst Indian poker fans.

It’s also a brilliant move for 888Poker.

So far the online poker giant has kept their powder dry regarding a move into the Indian market, but this is a great way to expose this new audience to the 888Poker brand, leaning on the personal brand of one of their most recent ambassadors. The idea is so good it makes you wonder why PokerStars and partypoker haven’t lined up their top talent to appear in the league patched up to the nines.

I’m not sure whether 888Poker orchestrated the plant, or Jacobson agreed on personal terms with the PSL off his own back, but either way, the benefits for the PSL, Jacobson and 888 and there for all to see.

The addition of Jacobson continues the PSL’s attempts to bring a respectable aura to the league, which began with the signing of Chess Grandmaster and Indian superstar, Viswanathan Anand in November.

The PSL isn’t the only poker league in India.

The Global Player League (GPL) recently announced a partnership with PokerStars for the inaugural GPL India, and Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty have overseen two seasons of the Match Indian Poker League (MILP). Kundra will also roll out the World Online Team Poker League later this year.