Popular gamer ‘Djarii’ becomes Unibet ambassador

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As a kid, she was outcast and bullied by her classmates. She was thought to be odd and ugly. For all the torment, however, she evolved into one of Twitch’s most popular video gaming figures and had the last laugh. Now, Sophia White, AKA “Djarii,” is moving from video games to poker, and has signed up to be an ambassador for online poker site Unibet.

Popular gamer 'Djarii' becomes Unibet ambassadorShe’s not giving up eGames completely. Djarii, who hails from Scotland, will split her time between poker and her favorite games, having first been introduced to them as a child. She played regularly with her father on the weekends, telling PokerTube’s Andrew Burnett, “Nintendo, PlayStation, I’ve been gaming since the beginning.  My dad and I would play video games on the weekend together.”

In her own words, Djarii explained, “I was bullied profusely throughout my entire childhood for being ‘ugly’ and ‘weird’” before adding that “the latter probably surprises people less.” Now, Djarii has 33,000 YouTube subscribers, 50,000 Twitter followers, 60,000 Instagram followers and, most impressive, over 262,000 fans on her Twitch channel.

She was introduced to poker by a fellow World of Warcraft teammate, and was hooked ever since. As with the excitement she feels with the video games, she has fallen for the rush felt at the poker tables. “The best thing about poker is the adrenaline rush on live tables, without a doubt, especially when you have a monster hand and someone is betting into you!” she told Burnett.

It’s not too surprising that she would be recruited by Unibet. Her popularity will serve the site well and should help it attract a fair amount of players. Djarii said of the sponsorship, “Unibet are a great family who have helped welcome poker into my life and supported me throughout this entire journey. They’re amazing and I am honored to be an ambassador for them.”

Djarii goes on to say that in a few years’ time, she will still be walking the same path, having made a greater impact on the industry. She adds, “I want to be a role model for women in gaming and help empower those who have taken the same path as me.” With her skills and crossover talents, there’s no doubt she’ll accomplish her goals.


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