Jesper Karrbrink: The gambling industry is innovating too little

Jesper Karrbrink: The gambling industry is innovating too little

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Jesper Karrbrink of Mr. Green shares how the company tries to stay on top of the industry through their innovative products.

One of the many reasons why a business folds is its failure to innovate its products and services. In the gambling industry, there are operators who remain stuck with their original vision that they tend to forget to improve their offerings.

Then there are those who mistakenly associate the word “copying” with “innovation.”

Mr. Green CEO Jesper Karrbrink believes that many gambling operators have been too comfortable with the strategy and products that work for them that they no longer bother to look for new ways to appeal to a broader audience.

“You know me, and we had discussions about this before, I think the industry is innovating too little,” Karrbink told’s Becky Liggero. “The industry has been a bit ‘Yeah, but this make money,’ and ‘this makes money for us’ rather than is this really, really entertaining or could this appeal to a broader audience.”

Mr. Green’s successful business lies in the company’s ability to adapt and harness new technologies in order to come out with the latest innovative offerings, according to its CEO.

Karrbrink recalled that he sat down with then NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson during the ICE 2017 to discuss his idea that “will push live casino beyond live.” After several discussions, Mr. Green and NetEnt agreed to collaborate with each other to create new and exciting products.

Last February, Mr. Green and online gambling technology provider NetEnt launched “Live Beyond Live,” the next generation of Live Casino in which players can animate whatever they want to have in their casino.

In an earlier interview, Eriksson said Mr. Green’s capacity to think out of the box was the clincher for them to agree to the product partnership. Karrbrink, on the other hand, recognized the technological capabilities of NetEnt as the main reason why it chose the game tech provider as its partner for the project.

“First of all, Mr. Green is all about entertainment. We want to push the level of entertainment in the industry, and, second of all, the fastest segment in the casino business right now is live casino. We wanted to do something more. We have this idea about this super cool casino where you could play Mr. Green,” Karrbrink said.  “What we’ve tried here is to add some kind of innovation. We try to bring in the live casino experience into the computer. I can meet Mr. Green, I can meet his friends. We could have this in the submarine. In a sense, this is innovation and, perhaps, we interact more with the players.”