Japan’s Komeito eyes replicating Singapore’s casino fees

Japan’s Komeito eyes replicating casino fees in Singapore

The coalition partner of Japan’s ruling political group Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is pushing for a ¥8,000 ($76) admission fee for Japanese residents when the country opens its first casinos.

Japan’s Komeito eyes replicating casino fees in SingaporeJiji Press reported that Komeito has proposed a mandatory admission fee at par with Singapore’s casinos, which currently charge local residents an admission fee of SGD100 (US$76).

Komeito’s proposal was higher than the ¥2,000 ($18.84) admission fee that the government suggested in February.

Aside from the proposed admission fee, Komeito has also proposed limiting casino licenses to two or three locations. This suggestion was contrary to LDP’s proposal to allow six Japanese cities to host integrated resorts.

Komeito and LDP also differ when it comes to the issue of Japanese casino visitation. Unlike the LDP, the junior coalition partner wants to limit residents’ casino visits to no more than three times a week and 10 times per month.

“It’s extremely important to gain understanding from a wide range of Japanese people by introducing casino restrictions in the world’s best standards,” the Komeito draft said, according to the news outlet.

Both LDP and Komeito have been drafting their respective positions before they deliberate on new rules that will govern Japan’s first casinos.

Gambling analysts predict that the biggest deliberation between the two parties will be on the number of licenses.

Whatever the number of city hosts will be, industry executives are certain that casino operators are in for a win-win situation.

Meanwhile, the government hopes to approve the IR Implementation Bill before the current legislative session ends on June 20. The government is also working on separate legislation covering problem gambling mitigation, which many observers believe must be passed prior to the Implementation Bill.