iGaming Asia 2018 to dissect opportunities in Asia’s gambling tiger cubs

iGaming Asia 2018 to dissect opportunities in Asia’s gambling tiger cubs

The Asian gaming industry has come a long way since the first iGaming Asia (iGA) Congress a decade ago. New markets are emerging to challenge Macau’s hold on the title “Asia’s premier gambling hub,” while gambling regulations in the Asia-Pacific region have evolved over the years.

iGaming Asia 2018 to dissect opportunities in Asia’s gambling tiger cubsTo mark the 10th year anniversary of the annual conference, the iGA will look back at 10 years of iGaming in Asia on March 13 to 15 at The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Macau.

Giulia Valentina Timarco, conference producer of this year’s edition of iGaming Asia Congress, said the conference will try to dissect the lessons that the industry learned in the span of 10 years, the current challenges that the iGaming industry faces, and the future Asian iGaming landscape.

“Operators, affiliates, suppliers and other companies from both the regional and global industry have met, networked and made significant deals over the years. We’ve had 1,600+ delegates, 400+ speakers and 100+ sponsors & exhibitors,” Timarco said.

Gaming Law Review Editor-in-Chief Sue Schneider and Hong Kong Football Association Chief Executive Mark Sutcliffe are scheduled to deliver their respective keynotes, “What I would have done differently then, if I had known what I know now” and “The growing synergy between sports betting and sports in the region and globally” on the first day of the event.

At the same time, the conference will also put a spotlight on economic tiger cubs Vietnam, Philippines, and Cambodia, which are considered as emerging gambling markets.

The panelists will look into the licensing limitations and uncertainty for investors, operators, and suppliers and weigh in on whether these three countries could be the next big contender in the global gaming industry.

“The Asian gaming landscape is fragmented, restricted by laws and regulations, full of uncertainties, and is constantly changing. However, at the same time, it’s exciting and full of new opportunities,” according to the iGA program.

For more information on the longest running, dedicated C-level iGaming event in Asia, visit the official website here.