‘Nipplegate’ still haunts Justin Timberlake: A Super Bowl LII betting guide

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People were left dumbfounded the last time Justin Timberlake performed during the Super Bowl halftime show 14 years ago. And it’s not because of his over-the-top showmanship or the grand production that made the infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show memorable.

‘Nipplegate’ still haunts Justin Timberlake: A Super Bowl LII betting guideIf there’s one thing that made a mark during Timberlake’s last Super Bowl performance, it was the exposure of Janet Jackson’s breast in front of millions of football fans.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Timberlake acknowledged that he learned lots of things from the incident and even assured football fans that history will not repeat itself when he commands the stage again during halftime of Super Bowl LII in Minnesota, on February 4.

Oddsmakers, who makes insanely long list of prop bets attached to the upcoming Super Bowl LII, cannot help but play the Timberlake’s ghost of Super Bowl past ahead of the clash between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

At online sportsbook Bodog, there’s a 5/1 odds that “Nipplegate” will be said during Super Bowl LII broadcast while there’s over/under 1.5 odds that Jackson will be mentioned during broadcast. The odds that “Wardrobe Malfunction” will be mentioned in broadcast over 1.5 is at 17/10 compared to under 1.5 which has 2/5 odds.

There’s also a heavy anticipation that members of the 90’s boyband N’Sync will reunite during the Super Bowl LII halftime show. The odds that any members from Timberlake’s old group will perform with Timberlake is at 3/1 compared to the 1/5 odds that there will be no N’Sync reunion during the halftime show.

The bookmaker said that there’s a 2/1 odds that Timberlake will cover a Prince song during the halftime, since the NFL Network has been bumping Prince on the advertisements for the Super Bowl. The odds that Timberlake will not do a Prince tribute is at 1/3.

Bodog also weighed in on Timberlake’s wardrobe. The oddsmaker said there’s a 4/5 odds that the former N’Sync member will wear a pair of white shoes compared to black (7/4), brown/beige (7/1), blue (10/1), Green (10/1), Red (16/1), and Yellow (20/1).

The odds that Timberlake will wear a hat when he begins his halftime performance (7/5) is greater than the chance (5/9) that he will not wear one.

Aside from Timberlake, the oddsmakers also weighed in on how long it will take for Pink to sing the U.S. National Anthem.

They said that this year’s National Anthem will likely run for over 2 minutes (2/3) compared to under 2 minutes (11/10). Will Pink sing the national anthem in mid-air like in her previous performances? There’s a 5/2 odds that she’ll be airborne compared to 1/4 odds that she’ll be singing on stage.


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