Ex-Beijing Imperial Hotel operators found guilty of labor law violations

Ex-Beijing Imperial Hotel operators found guilty of labor law violations

Macau’s Court of First Appeal handed a guilty verdict against the former operators of Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel for violating the special administrative region’s labor laws.

Ex-Beijing Imperial Hotel operators found guilty of labor law violationsMacau News Agency reported that the court ordered Macau Hotel Developers Ltd and Greek Mythology (Macau) Entertainment Group Corporation Limited to pay some MOP4.43 million (US$550,250) in fines as it upheld the class suit of affected Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel workers.

The court said the companies’ violations have to do with arrears of salaries, overtime payment, and lack of compensation of holidays, including weekends, annual leaves and mandatory holidays.

Out of the total fine, the court ruled that four administrators of the companies must pay MOP2.5 million ($310,525). The magistrates also ordered the defendants to compensate the affected workers accordingly.

In July 2016, Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel was ordered to temporarily shut its operations based on “serious administrative irregularities which constitute threats to public safety,” such as illegal construction work performed in the facility.

The temporary closure of the 500-room hotel on Taipa Island was enforced for a period of six months.

Some 20 companies and individuals affected by the closure of the Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel have jointly filed a lawsuit against the former hotel license holder, Macau Hotel Developers Ltd, as well as the offshore company that took over the ownership of the hotel – Victory Success Holdings Limited.

The group is claiming amounts owed of over MOP99 million ($12.35 million) from unfulfilled contracts.

The court conducted a total of 24 hearings of labor cases lodged by 614 Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel workers against the companies and their administrators.

Amax International approves $13.7M Greek Mythology deal

Meanwhile, Macau junket and casino investor Amax International Holdings Ltd has reached an agreement for the repayment of HKD104.5 million ($13.7 million) in connection with the controversial purchase of the Greek Mythology casino in 2006.

In a regulatory filing, the company announced that it struck a deal with Lee Bing for the latter to cancel its promissory note and repay HKD82.5 million ($10.55 million) to Amax Chairman Ng Man Sun or a designated company representative.

Wu Weide, on the other hand, will repay HKD22 million ($2.8 million).