PokerGO’s Stories from the Felt: no rockets, no cures for disease, just magic

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Poker Central partners with the independent film production company, Greencard Pictures to create another PokerGO Original: Stories From The Felt. A six-part series exploring the games’ incredible stories.

The lady working behind the Deli in Vons asks me what I would like?PokerGO’s Stories From The Felt: no rockets, no cures for disease, just magic

“What do you have for vegans?”

“Do you eat cheese?”

A shake of the head later, and I’m walking down Foothills munching on a broccoli salad that tastes like bacon. I dismiss the thought like a sailor drunk at sea dismisses the vast blue mass that could become his final floating place.

But the thought won’t go away.

I stop, and finger my salad with my fork, like a panhandler sifting through the grit, and there, shining like a piece of fool’s gold is a piece of bacon. I can hear the pig, belching, farting, and my stomach refuses to take anymore, and I leave the whole sorry mess for the hungry bats.

Of course, you don’t understand me, right?

Duncan Skiles does.

Skiles is a director working for Greencard Pictures, the latest New York partner of Poker Central. Amongst Skiles credits is a cop movie featuring muppets called Fuzz, a fairytale twisty feature film called Cloverhitch, and a YouTube series called So You’re Dating a Vegan (Skiles is the vegan). And he’s about to get stuck into poker with the forthcoming Stories From The Felt. 

The new six-part show premieres December 4, featuring the likes of Nick Schulman, Eli Elezra, Jennifer Harman and Bill Perkins.

Here are the six titles:

• The Big Reveal – A look into the history of the hole-cam.
• The Bike Bet – The Dan Bilzerian/Brian Rast challenge.
• The Wake-Up Call – Greg Merson’s battle with addiction.
• The Mayfair Club – The inspiration behind Rounders.
• Wild Cards – A collection of short stories told by poker players.
• The Legend of Bobby’s Room – stories from the biggest game in the world.

Check out this trailer:

The press release promises to deliver the greatest untold stories of the game as well as firing rapid-fire questions at the stars of poker’s past and present. Joe Kakaty, President of Poker Central, said the show brings poker lore to life, and Skiles explains how he was eager to find fresh angles on old stories, unearth lesser-known stories that feature the characters as much as the events.

Greencard Pictures is an indie film production company based in New York. They don’t make rockets or cure disease, but they do make a little bit of magic.

They are currently waving their wand over at PokerGO.


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