PokerStars partner with CARE International for Irma; bin Beat The Clock

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PokerStars has once again jumped into bed with CARE International, this time to help provide aid to those affected by Hurricane Irma and Beat the Clock goes into the bin. 

We all enshrine our first whirlpool in cellular celluloid. You’re in the bath sucking the water out of a plastic dolphin. Mum pulls the plug. It’s mesmeric, magical, magnificent.

PokerStars partner with CARE International for Irma; bin Beat The ClockWhen I look at satellite photos of Hurricane Irma, that’s where my mind takes me. To a time of tranquillity, calm, and wrinkled fingers and toes. There is something beautiful about it, and yet it killed over 80 people, injured hundreds, and left thousands without a roof over their head.

It was a reminder of the power of mother nature.

The full force of its fury is making me feel as small as that baby in the bathtub.

The poker community has been affected by this tragedy, as have most bubbles. Poker players have reached out on social media imploring their brethren to provide aid and support.

Over the weekend, while most of us relaxed in our comfortable surroundings where the thought of a hurricane hitting us is likely as wandering into the forest and finding a house made out of candy, PokerStars decided to help.

Partnering with CARE International, PokerStars has vowed to match every dollar donated towards the Hurricane Irma cause that passes through their software channels.

Simplifying things, if you want to give, the world’s largest online poker room has created a series of dummy poker tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $1 – $1,000, and €10 to €100. These aren’t real tournaments, but ways in which you can provide a donation to CARE International via your Stars account. Another way to donate is to make an internal player transfer to ‘Irma Fund’.

You can also donate via the CARE International website, but be aware, PokerStars won’t match your donation if your money doesn’t go through their hands.

The Stars Group corporate giving program, Helping Hands is managing the partnership. In 2015, the pair partnered to assist victims of the Nepal earthquake, in 2016 they provided aid for the victims of the Ecuador earthquake, and earlier this year, sent money to the drought victims in East Africa.

At the back end of last week, PokerStars also partnered with the non-profit Raising For Effective Giving (REG), donating all-tournament reg fees from their $25,000 buy-in World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Super High Roller, as well as matching $50,000 of that total bounty.

PokerStars Bin Beat The Clock

Sometimes a new game hits the mark like a cannonball, and other times, it strikes its mark with the finesse of a wet tissue.

Power Up is a cannonball.

Beat The Clock is a wet tissue.

Initially launched in the Russian market, Beat The Clock was a fast-paced Sit n Go Zoom format that played out until a five minute period elapsed. PokerStars would payout players based on their chip stacks at the end of the five-minute period.

It seems the novelty idea didn’t translate into solid numbers.

PokerStars has removed the game from the poker client.

Here is the official response:

“We will be making some changes to the client which will involve the removal of Beat The Clock. PokerStars has decided to shelve the timed Sit & Go format to make way for new products that we wish to feature more prominently within the client. This decision has also in part been dictated by the need to cater to evolving player tastes, which inevitably change over time.  The game will be removed later today.” 

If you have a view on this move or any other changes that PokerStars makes, then why not join their Discord channel.


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