Paul Burns: The future of Canadian gaming is bright

Paul Burns: The future of Canadian gaming is bright

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Canadian Gaming Association vice president Paul Burns discusses how Canada plans to position itself as an alternative gaming destination.

Canada is currently positioning itself as an alternative gambling destination in North America. But with Las Vegas just around the corner, Canada needs to work double-time in order to compete with one of the world’s premier gambling hub.

Paul Burns, vice president of Canadian Gaming Association, pointed out that Canadian government and stakeholders are teaming-up in order to ensure the success of the gambling industry and at the same time attract visitors to play in their jurisdiction.

Two weeks ago, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLGC) has awarded Great Canadian Gaming Corp. and Brookfield Business Partners LP the license to operate gaming facilities in the Toronto area that is estimated to generate US$788 million dollars.

OLGC bid the casino operation to a private firm in order to boost gambling revenue in the province.

“What we are seeing now is a significant capital investment coming to the casino industry in the coming years with new properties being developed in Ontario, renovations of properties across a lot of regions,” Burns told “That’ll be exciting as Canada is looking to reinvent, reengage customers with new offerings.”

Despite the future being bright, Burns said that the Canadian gaming industry is not without challenges. Buns cited the ever-changing technology and the pace of which the technology is changing as one of the major issues that the industry faces.

He explained that regulatory regime has to be on its toes and always be ahead of the curve of these new technological developments in gambling.

Burns added that the changing demographics is also giving them some minor headaches since most millennials aren’t that interested in gambling unlike the baby-boomers.

“Truly understanding how to engage and build those relationships is really important, so, that’s what I think everyone is trying to find the best way to continue to build those customer experience that people want and continue visit the casinos,” he said.

“The future is bright, I think we are looking hopefully a lot more challenging diverse products, meeting those challenges of giving the customers what they want. But I think it is bright. I think we are an innovative group. We are very understanding of our customer needs. I think it is an exciting time in the next few years.”