888Poker launch Flopomania and Push or Fold Flopomania

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888Poker continue to kill buzzkill after buzzkill after releasing Flopomania and Push or Fold Flopomania, two games that remove the sleep inducing pre flop folding parties.

Eddie’s Dad, Steve, has been playing poker for over 50-years.

I recently asked him some questions about professional poker players.

Did he know who the best player in the world was?

How many of the Hendon Mob Top 10 could he name?

He only knew one player – Doyle Branston. 

Steve doesn’t care about televised poker, training sites, or online poker rooms. All Steve cares about is playing live cash games, and this week, during my chat with him, I asked him how he was doing?

“Rough, Lee, rough,” said Steve. “I have been losing for months. They are all rocks. I know I play too many hands, but I love the game. Folding is boring. And they have the gall to complain when I get lucky! I’m the one feeding the game!”

I think Steve would love 888Poker’s Flopomania.

In May, 888Poker announced a new way of being. It wasn’t a mission statement, a new set of goals, or a one-time gimmick. The team wanted to abolish the parts of poker that made the game unappealing to people, new and old. They identified many #Buzzkills and went about their work, eliminating them from the game, or creating new products that avoided them.

A great example is an act of tanking. 888Poker announced plans to include a shot clock in all 888Live Main Events and High Rollers to avoid the tanking buzzkill. Flopomania focuses on destroying the other #Buzzkill ‘folding a lot to pre-flop action’, allowing players like Steve to see 100% of flops.

The poker community heard about Flopomania a few weeks ago when they accidentally game added to the lobby before being withdrawn a few hours later. The game will have officially launched by the time you have done reading.

888Poker launch Flopomania and Push or Fold Flopomania888Poker has released two formats of the game.

In the original version, there are no blinds. Every player is forced to post an ante, the dealer lays the flop down, and the action begins left of the dealer button. In the second version, called Push or Fold, players start with a pre-determined amount, and can either move all-in or fold.

The initial feedback from the poker community is negative, with the main gripes focused on 888Poker’s decision to dumb down the game. 888Poker ambassadors Chris Moorman, and Dominik Nitsche believe there is a skill element to the competition, but it’s difficult to ascertain how much truth there is in those comments, given their roles.

But this isn’t a game for the poker community that hangs out on 2+2 and takes the time to complain about the game. Flopomania is for people like Steve, the 50-year veterans who believe that the world’s greatest player is a famous brand of pickle.


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