Lary Kennedy tries one more time to sue Full Tilt Poker and the gang

Lary Kennedy tries one more time to sue Full Tilt Poker and the gang

In a case reaching back to 2009, Lary Kennedy, and her legal team are still trying to convince the legal system that Full Tilt Poker and their associates should stump up $900m in damages over an ever shifting series of allegations.

When reaching out to our good God Google to seek information relating to: “Lary Kennedy Files Third Class Action Lawsuit” I got the response “Secret Memo Shows JFK Demanded UFO Files 10 Days Before Death.”

But there is nothing alien about the Lary Kennedy case.

Poker Royalty founder Brian Balsbaugh tweeted that Kennedy and Greg Omotoy are still trying their utmost to convince judges that they deserve $900m+ in damages from Full Tilt Poker (FTP), their subsidiaries, and a handful of prominent poker players affiliated with the company.

The guts of the case go all the way back to 2009 when FTP closed down Kennedy’s Pokergirl_z account and confiscated $80,000 in cash, on suspicion that the account was a bot, and multi-accounting charges. Kennedy admitted multi-accounting (Omotoy’s account was amongst those used by Kennedy) but denied she was a bot, instead throwing accusations at FTP that they were more likely to be the bots. The initial filing also including a RICOH claim.

In 2010, a judge dismissed the RICOH claim.Lary Kennedy tries one more time to sue Full Tilt Poker and the gang

In 2011, two separate judges rejected the case for a variety of different reasons, including the ever changing list of allegations from the plaintiff, and insufficient evidence.

In February of this year, The Court of Appeal of the State of California also dismissed the case.

In July, Kennedy’s legal team tried again, only for Judge George H. Wu to throw out the claim during a 90-minute hearing citing a lack of concrete evidence to support the allegations that FTP was a bunch of racketeering and fraudulent miscreants.

According to a summation in chiefly amongst Kennedy’s legal team’s claims was the rather outlandish assertion that Ivey, Hansen, and co agreed to a framework that would rip off potential FTP customers before forming the company.

“Why do you think the individual defendants are involved?” Asked the Judge. 

“We were told by people who used to work there,” said Kennedy’s lawyer. 

I think that one line sums up this whole sorry tale.

Acting on behalf of Kennedy and Omotoy, lawyer Cyrus M. Sanai, filed the latest class action lawsuit at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Stanley Mosk Courthouse on August 14.

Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Ray Bitar, Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch, Phil Gordon, Perry Friedman, John Juanda, Erik Lindgren, Erik Seidel, Mike Matusow, Allen Cunningham, Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, Rafe Furst, and a whole host of companies with ties to FTP once again appear on the naughty boy list.

However, it’s likelier that an alien shot JFK from the grassy knoll than Lary Kennedy will ever squeeze any money out of the once mighty Full Tilt Poker.

But something tells me she won’t quit trying.