Mark Blandford on making the right investment

Mark Blandford on making the right investment

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Mark Blandford of Burlywood Capital tells us why investing in a blockchain incubator is better than focusing on the technology.

Bitcoin’s impressive performance in recent years is convincing many investors to take a second look at cryptocurrencies in general.

Being the leading digital currency by market capitalization, bitcoin has gained nearly 200 percent since the beginning of 2017. Analysts pointed out that the gains of cryptocurrencies have cannibalized the demand for gold, making it more likely that investors will turn to the likes of bitcoin as a substitute.

The bitcoin boom has also paved the way for technological innovation, according to Mark Blandford of Burlywood Capital.

“My own experience is that there is a lot of innovation going on. It’s across a number of parts in the industry. So we are seeing it in technology. For example, there’s a new operator called Bookee, who have the swipe navigation that some people may be aware of through Tinder. From what I understand, they are doing very well and that’s exciting,” Blandford told “My recent investment is in Football Index, which is a stock market in football players, so fans can actually participate in the actual performance of their players in the way the prices of stock market prices rise and sell. They can financially participate in that. I think that is genuine innovation. The company is extremely successful, it doesn’t have competition, and it hits a real nerve in the marketplace.”

When asked where people should put their money, Blandford pointed out that investing in blockchain incubators offers opportunities for investors. He said that he had invested in a blockchain incubator called Coinsilium, which he described as a “toe in the water.”

“I saw what I think is possibly the infancy of the whole new sector in terms of the technology and the applications of the technology. The learning curve required to get into all of the individual applications, to make contact with a range of companies and to make individual picks on companies is a lot of work,” he said. “Coinsilium to me was a shortcut to get that exposure. It seems to have worked in a sense that now, I am meeting companies in blockchain, I’ve furthered my investment in blockchain. Recently, blockchain is making new investments in the sector. It is something that I am very comfortable with.”