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In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Jekabs Endzins of Tapbox explains why self-service terminals are becoming more popular with consumers.

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Self-service kiosks have changed customer behavior worldwide.

In a study conducted several years ago by the Rotman School of Management, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and the National University of Singapore, researchers found that self-service technologies were able to increase the sales of a difficult-to-pronounce items.

They concluded that self-service kiosks were able to remove social friction as well as prevent customers from experiencing negative judgment. Breaking down these two barriers has resulted in more sales for companies.

Jekabs Endzins, who recently launched the Latvia-based Tapbox, agrees that self-service kiosks are getting more and more popular worldwide because of their practicality.

Unlike physical betting shops, Tapbox is a self-service betting terminal where any customer can create their own bet slips minus the face-to-face interaction, with a very flexible payment system that players will enjoy.

“It is very flexible in terms of the product we can place. We have experience in catering in cinema, in gaming and gambling businesses,” Endzins told “Pretty much, everywhere in the world, these self-service terminals are getting more and more popular. Customers are expecting self-service and they are actually preferring self-service over cashier or similar.”

“This product or this service started because we believe that there is a gap between hardware and software companies all over the world. This terminal is equipped with a card reader and cash dispenser, with pin pad and thermos printer. So any customer can come with a few taps, select their bets that they would like to bet on, and with a few taps to the screen, you can create your own bet slips. Choose the amount that you would like to bet, and pay with cash or credit card.”


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