SBC Penalty Shootout highlights

SBC Penalty Shootout highlights

There’s something about football that brings people together from all walks of life. People set aside their differences – and even the things they do – every time there’s a football match in a community or in the country.

Perhaps this is the main reason why the recent SBC Penalty shootout resonated well with sponsors and partners of SBC events – because football serves as an invisible glue that unifies the industry.

Elizabeth Blake of SBC Events, who helped pull the invisible strings to bring together former English footballer David James and the sponsors in a single stadium, described it best when she said: “it is just getting together and appreciating each other.

“We have a great relationship with Chelsea. Thanks to that relationship, we decided to hold a penalty shootout for all our sponsors and all our partners of the event,” Blake told “So what we did is we sent the word out, we have some great Chelsea fans from our sponsors. We got in touch with David James, who kindly offered to be in goal and take some shots. “

She said everyone had a really good time, especially when they took part in a game of getting the most goals, which James defended.

James admitted feeling a bit competitive in a fun game because he doesn’t want people getting goals in.

“But it is really a good event and the guys taking part enjoyed themselves, fortunately not all of them because some of you didn’t score,” the former English footballer chuckled as he looked straight at’s Becky Liggero.

Chris Wedemeier, who was the event’s big winner after getting the most goals, agreed that football brings people together.

“It is good to meet the people in person, and to have a healthy network,” he said.