Joseph Cuschieri on what makes Malta an attractive jurisdiction

Joseph Cuschieri on what makes Malta an attractive jurisdiction

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Joseph Cuschieri  of the Malta Gaming Authority explains the role of state regulators in maintaining a vibrant gambling industry.

Malta may be a tiny dot compared to other European countries but it sure is in the radar of many gambling operators around the world.

This island nation’s iGaming industry has pulled in a massive 10 percent of the country’s gross domestic product thanks to its low business costs and welcoming business environment. Among the member state of the European Union, Malta is the first to rollout the red carpet to online gambling operators.

Without a doubt, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has played a big role in ensuring a vibrant gambling industry in the country without compromising the welfare of its people.

Joseph Cushieri of MGA noted that the state regulators play an important role in terms of not only enticing investors to the country but also help them feel at ease when they decide to put their business in Malta.

MGA, according to Cushieri, has made it sure that they strike a balance between nurturing the gambling industry and at the same time thinking what is best for the public. After all, Cushieri pointed out that “talent and the quality of people is what makes Malta an attractive jurisdiction.”

Cushieri also credited the success of Malta Gaming Industry to MGA’s openness to gambling operators.

“You know, everybody is so busy. Here I find it very useful because I come here and they meet a lot of people in the same place,” Cushieri told “People who want to ask me a question, when to come to see you or they have some license which they like to talk to you about. It is always great to listen and meet people, I find it very interesting and enjoyable I must say.”

Despite the success of the whole gambling industry, Cushieri said that the MGA remains vigilant to the challenges and developments worldwide that may affect Malta as a whole.

Cushieri cited the case of Brexit last year, which he said had caused the alarm for some gambling investors. While there’s no reason for them to be concerned, Cushieri said that they have the necessary tools to protect the industry against these kinds of developments.

“In the gaming industry there are always developments coming up, this is one of them. I think this should be managed. I don’t think there should be any alarm or concern of sorts that the industry is going to change dramatically,” he said.  “We just have to see, because it is still too early, many things are being said in the media, and I think the story is not over yet and there will be some other developments in the future when it comes to Brexit. So let’s see how things develop but there’s not much to worry about.”