LCB strikes $1.7 million deal to purchase World Casino Directory

LCB strikes $1.7 million deal to purchase World Casino Directory

What once started out as (LCB) in 2006 has exploded into a network of online related gambling sites under one umbrella. The most recent acquisition of (WCD) is breaking news and another smart investment for new proprietor Joshua Chan, CEO of the LCB Network.

LCB strikes $1.7 million deal to purchase World Casino DirectoryWCD, founded in 2002, is the premier go-to site that is a commonplace among the gambling community, encompassing a resourceful global market of land based and online casinos directories. Players will find up-to-the-minute news, lottery results, casino reviews, games, sports, hotel bookings at your favorite casinos, and a host of other information to keep their viewing audience up to speed.

Passing the Baton

Negotiations didn’t happen overnight and took some time to finalize. Joshua stated:

“Bernard and I agreed to the deal late last year after several weeks of negotiations. I came to know that Bernard was interested in possibly selling the site after he mentioned in a unrelated email if I was interested in looking to make another big purchase I should drop him a line.”

“After chatting we discovered that we shared a similar vision for the site and I put his mind at ease ensuring we would retain all of his staff and friendly work environment.”

For Bernard, the WCD founder finding the right buyer was something he didn’t take lightly. In a statement, he made in a recent news article to LCB he said:

“Selling the World Casino Directory was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made in my life. I had become truly attached to the people I work with and the World Casino Directory itself over the last decade.

“Thankfully, meeting Joshua and his extremely talented team has given me a great source of relief and pleasure, because beyond realizing what a big heart this man has, I also know with his leadership and skills that this team will be able to realize the vision I’ve always had for the site. I will be following their progress closely.”

“One last note, on a very personal level, I’ve enjoyed meeting quite a few of you reading this article over the last decade, and plan to see you all in my future endeavors.”

It is easy to understand why Bernard accepted his offer because they both have the similar values and work ethics. Joshua’s success has been in part, the relationship he has with his team which he treats as an equal and values their input. As a result, he’s retained his original crew from the very start. Combine it, with the around the clock dedication he puts into every aspect of the entire operation of the company and the achievements are conspicuous.

Keeping WCD’s Concept Alive

Most important is to keep the quality, reputation and complete mission intact. Working with the existing concept, the strategy is to embellish the site with the expertise he is so well known for. He confirms this by saying:

“My team at LCB have big plans for the site and are very excited to build on what Bernard and his team have already done.”

With the integrity, experience, work ethics and genuine down to earth approach Bernard and Joshua both share, it will be a smooth transition that is expected to be well received on an international level.