Charity April on LCB

Charity April on LCB

“Give and it will come back to you” is a phrase we would like to begin with. This April LCB has decided to give back to one of greatest charity organizations ‘Kiva’ by setting up the LCB $500 April Kiva Charity Contest exclusively for our members. There are no boundaries when the charity and good will is in question. The least we can do is to encourage all our members to show their hearts of gold and take part in this extraordinary contest. All our members have to do is to join our Kiva team and LCB will donate the money on their behalf to the recipient they choose. So far LCB and its members have loaned $5,700.

Charity April on LCBWhat is Kiva and how it works? Kiva is a non- profit organization established in 2005 with the aim to connect people all around the world by providing them with the opportunity to get on their own feet and get out of poverty. What sets them apart from other charity institutions is the simple wish to lend money to people in need, people who are striving to survive all around the globe no matter where they live and what color their skin is. With more than a million lenders, 98% repayment rate, 84 different countries and 450 volunteers around the world, Kiva team ensures that 100% of every dollar you lend to their organization goes straight to the people whom you want to donate to without them taking a cut.

We always strive to stay ahead of the competition and be unique in what we are doing. Once we open up a LCB shop among various casino chips and e-wallets Kiva voucher found its place in the shop offer. Just to let you know LCB was set up in 2006. We are well aware that some child in some remote country is probably starving, or that some African country does not have good water supplies, that some man out there has an amazing business plan but not enough funds to make it live. We are very proud and happy to be the part of worldwide organization such as Kiva. We want to bring awareness to all of our members that the slightest contribution can make this world a better place. Lending only $25 does not make much difference for you but does make a huge difference for someone who desperately needs them.

And that’s not all. Please have in mind that LCB encourages casinos to give the loan as well. Once they donate certain amount of money they automatically compete for the best place on our Most Charitable Casinos list, they are also given free exposure on our site. We can just mention some of the casinos that are regular charity donators Tropezia Palace, Red Flash Casino, Silver Sands and Slotland. The feeling of helping others is great, but the feeling of bringing awareness and promoting generosity among people of is even greater. That’s exactly what LCB is doing not only this month but since its foundation.

As you know LCB is an award winning affiliate website that offers and extensive list of online casinos, more than 1000 casino reviews,  800 exclusive bonuses, tournaments, more than 3,500 free games, around 300 registered casino representatives and the largest casino forum with more than 80,000 registered members.  Thanks to the hard work of LCB team we together managed to gain trust of our members by providing them with the latest news, promotions, offers as well as giving them the support when they need it.