ESIC sign information sharing deal with Nevada Gaming Control Board

ESIC sign information sharing deal with Nevada Gaming Control Board

The eSports Integrity Coalition has signed an Information Sharing Memorandum of Understanding with the Nevada Gaming Control Board in a bid to get ahead of any potential cheating as eSports grows as a sport in Nevada.

I saw two kids stealing soda in the supermarket, this morning.

It was almost too easy.

ESIC sign information sharing deal with Nevada Gaming Control BoardI nearly stole some myself.

Then I realised, that I hate soda, and being caught stealing water seemed as ridiculous as inventing sunglasses for bats.

But cheats and fraudsters looking to steal from the eSports industry are going to find it more difficult after The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) teamed up with the eSports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) in a perfect two minds are better than one arrangement.

The pair has signed an Information Sharing Memorandum of Understanding, a bilateral agreement allowing the two entities to share information without any undue fuss.

The deal will significantly improve the security of eSports betting in the state of Nevada as well as helping to fight fraud worldwide. In future, the NGCB will work much closer to ESICs panel of betting partners and regulators such as Pinnacle, Unikrn, and Betway.

Esports Integrity Commissioner, Ian Smith, called the GCB the ‘gold standard in the regulation of sports betting in the US.’ NGCB Chairman, AG Burnett, said it was vitally important for them to connect with groups like ESIC as they get a feel for this burgeoning sport.

What is ESIC?

ESIC, a non-profit organisation, was formed in 2015 by some key eSports stakeholders, with the sole objective of fighting crime in the eSports sphere. They immediately appointed the experienced Ian Smith to act in the role of Commissioner Gordon, and he told yours truly at the time that ‘Skin Betting’ and the fact that eSports don’t have a governing body are two of the challenges eSports faces.

Earlier this month, ESIC announced their first ESIC Panel, a group of respected experts in the business, who would act as an independent mediation should an investigation, ruling or appeal need arbitration.

The panel consists of Captivate Legal & Sports Solutions, Kevin Carpenter (Chairman), legal eagles Pedro Fida, Alfonso Leon and Anna Baumann; ESL’s Daniel Schulte, IMG’s Lilia Russo, Bird & Bird’s Richard Bush, and James Kitching from the Asian Football Confederation.