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Hai Ng: For us the most important thing is how does it benefit the casino? How can we cross that community over to their tables, not just to their restaurants and night clubs but over to the gaming tables, and increase, or move the needle for the ggr.

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Becky Liggero: We are here to talk about how to bring eSports and connect it to iGaming. Bridging the gap. So tell me, how do you do that over at Spawn Point?

Hai Ng: So we have a software platform for online casinos and iGaming people, we can actually help them do tournaments, monetize them which is the most important thing, everything from P2P all the way to books. So it depends on whatever day want. But the additional thing we added to it is they were able to organize content tournaments. So put together pro-players, not just amateurs. Nobody is playing against one another, no names playing together, and adding a very important piece which is integrity. The marshalling is all standardize. The equipment is all maintained. Everything is good, there’s not cheating involved. So it is good stuff.

But in addition to that, we are also working offline, brick and mortar facilities to bring eSports to them and at the same time, bring eSports to those facilities because eSports is growing so much, it needed a lot of venue. You need to find something not just one time affair for 10,000 people but an on-going weekly community building environment.

Becky Liggero: How do you move the needle? What is you example of how are you making this work in an offline casino?

Hai Ng: We analyze the group of people that is coming, depending on the type of games they play, personalities are going to be different. So what we do at that point is basically build the lounge in such a way that their gaming tables are near there. The type of games that they like. Because a lot of them, a lot of these players, they don’t like random games. They are trained to identify random patterns so it is hard to sell them on random games. They want to be… they want to feel that they are in control. So they like the poker games, they like, blackjack is even more enticing. Even race tracks, we are looking at race tracks and using eSports as a great way to revitalize that sport and that activity by kind of teaching them how to play, bringing a millennial twist to the racing.

“We are about to do an interesting event at the racino, where we’ll actually have people teaching them how to handicap and actually running a handicap tournament where they can actually win prizes and hopefully they will come back and bet on horses.


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