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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Robert Anderson of Spike Games points out the difference of slots then from the slots developed at present.

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Unlike before, slot themes can now be tailor-made for casino crowds. This is made possible by the wonderful minds of modern-day engineers and technicians, who have devoted their time testing slots in laboratories like a weird science project or experiment.

There are slot machines wherein computer programmers use central servers that will almost instantly change the themes, minimum bets and payouts at those slot machines depending on who is playing in the casino.

Robert Anderson, founder of Spikes Games, has observed how slots evolved from the old-fashioned, coin-operated models years ago to the flashier, automatic machines.

“Twenty five years ago, slots were pub games and club games. They were heavily controlled by the UK government. Nowadays, everything is obviously online or mobile. The different styles of games taking influence from computer games and any sort of theme,” Anderson told

Anderson pointed out that creators like him always keep an eye on what people play and bring the information that his company gathered into the slots arena.

Their product – the Shamrock Shuffle game – is a result of the observation they had made from players, according to Anderson.

“We did a game for gaming realms about two years ago, which is based on new style of cascading games. There’s a few of them around. And we decide to bring that to a five reel format,” Anderson said. “So this game will have two symbols on each reel, so there’s a possibility of 10 symbols but it can be placed anywhere in view, vertically or horizontally, and again, we brought in all the soft features that we used to do back at 25 years ago, so there are five features in it. It’s quite a deep. It is a game that you can play, hopefully for a long time. But it is a new thing. As soon as you start playing, you get it straight away.”


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