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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Yiannis Pagounis of TipBet tells us how their company attracts affiliate to their program.

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There’s no denying that eSports has come a long way to become a lucrative industry. It has already upended the entertainment world and now threatens to eclipse the achievements of major sports through multiplayer, first person shooter games.

In the 90s, only those in the music industry and big sports events can fill-up an entire arena while what most people consider as ‘geeks’ find themselves locked in a small room playing their favorite video games.

Things are now different as the turn of the century approached. Game sell out giant arenas, and some attract at-home audiences larger than those of top traditional sporting events. Major companies are now lining up to place to be sponsors of the event.

Experts believe that by 2019, eSports’ global revenue will hit the $1 billion mark.

To capitalize on growing industry, gaming companies try to attract affiliates to their programs. One of those companies is TipBet, which hope to promote their brand through eSports.

“All the new generation is interested on eSports. So for eSports, we are offering live streaming, which is a great advantage for all the players and in this way, we attract affiliates in order to promote our brand through eSports,” Younnis Pagounis told “ESports is a new trend in the industry at the moment. We are sponsoring an eSports team, which shows we give great attention to the industry.”

So far, Pagounis pointed out TipBet has been focusing on attracting affiliates in the German and all German-speaking markets like Austria and Switzerland. He said that they do special promotions in order to lure affiliates to their side.

“We are strong in the German market, we have around 300 shops in Germany and more than 3,000 terminals across the country. Our main market is Germany and all German-speaking markets like Austria and Switzerland,” he said. “We, at the moment, offer our affiliates special promotion of 60 percent revenue share, which is, in my opinion, best in the market at this moment. It’s a time-limited offer. It’s is until the 21 of January  2017.  They can receive our gadget, virtual reality glasses.”


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