Product Profile: BetInvest Terminal

Product Profile: BetInvest Terminal

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Valentin Kyrylenko of BetInvest Terminal explains the benefits of building an intuitive betting terminal.

Gaming operators attempt to create a product that is different from their competitors in order to easily get noticed in the market. They try to find ways to communicate to everyone how their business is different from every other competitors.

That’s why most of them try to find opportunity where competition fell short. It is from that point where companies build their products in order to answer the needs of the clients. After all, companies are only good as their last creation.

Valentin Kyrylenko of BetInvest said they always make it a point to come out with new and exciting products in order to stay relevant and to survive the stiff, White Label industry.

Kyrylenko said that the company introduced to everyone an intuitive device that is pretty easy to use. He added that the product complements any sportsbook business model.

Called the BetInvest Terminal, Kyrylenko also pointed out that the product is a stand-alone betting solution that offers state-of-the-art sportsbook, go live and pre-match bettors.

“We really concentrated on the ease of operating it. Our first task was reducing the use of friction when operating it. So basically, as you said, it’s very intuitive, and easy to navigate. Basically, you do not need site support or a guide to use it,” Kyrylenko told “Once they get the piece equipment, they can complement their business model from any angle – it can go to the betting shop, it can go to the airport, it can go to the sand beach bar as long as it is permitted by the authorities, and all legal formalities have been taken care of.”

According to Kyrylenko, their product is built by over 300 people-strong, of which each of the workers has over seven-year industry experience.

“We take a lot of care into our sportsbook culture and put extra care into risk management as well. On average, we can provide 25,000 life events and for most popular sports, we provide over 420 markets, which is really important these days because people enjoy more variety. They are becoming spoiled.”