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In this interview with CalvinAyre’s Becky Liggero, Pavol Krasnovsky of RTSmutiny explains why their product is new and exciting in the world of eSports and betting.

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Industry experts have long predicted that the future of gambling lies in computer game competitions. Popularly known as eSports, computer game competitions has generated significant revenues for gambling operators.

Based on the findings of market research Newzoo, eSports is already considered juggernaut industry itself since the sector is generating millions in global revenue. Data showed that eSports posted $325 million in global revenues in 2015 and is expected to grow in the future.

Market research Eilers, meanwhile, projected that eSports fans will bet around $23.5 billion while operators will generate $1.8 billion in revenue. In fact, experts say that eSports betting is now on par with some of the leading major sports in terms of viewership, following, and interest.

Sportsbooks, on the other hand, are slowly discovering the potential that eSports has to offer.

“ESports in general is a very new sport for betting companies,” Pavol Krasnovsky of RTSmutiny told

Capitalizing on the growing popularity of eSports, Krasnovsky said his company has developed a new and exciting product where professional players and guests can play with each other and in real time, quantify their guest’s performance.

“Right now we have the professional players which will join our team, and they play against each other and for example, visitors can join this player and play with each other and in real time, our mathematical models are able to quantify our visitors’ performance,” he said. “Why it is interesting? Because it has a similar attribution. For example, the live odds are blottier, and you have in-play statistics which you can place your bets during the match, and now it is expanding. For example the tournament, one of the biggest tournament in the country has a prize of almost $20 million dollar.”

He believes that eSports will be an industry to reckon with in the future.

“The most interesting thing is that we don’t have money to pay fee for a start-up pitch but we received seven competitive offers from the investors and in one year, we grow as a middle-sized company. So today, we have around thirty people,” he said.


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