New Online Casinos Canada Video Series Breaks The Mold With Fun-filled Casino Infotainment

Energetic, engaging presenter “Renny G.” brands Canada’s largest casino internet portal with an amusing, informative new video series for players.

New Online Casinos Canada Video Series Breaks The Mold With Fun-filled Casino InfotainmentOntario, Canada: Leading internet casino portal Online Casinos Canada (OCC) has just released a series of 16 video tutorials explaining the ins and outs of online casinos. The videos fill a gap in the market for informative, entertaining content for players.

OCC’s Chief Editor Joel Galin explains: “We wondered why online casino video hosts never really appealed to a large audience. Then, it hit us like a bolt of lightning. We realized that the average casino player is young, active and on-the-go. Therefore, we saw a clear need for entertaining and informative tutorials…and we filled it.”

The solution came in the form of the energetic Renny Grinshpan, a Canadian host to whom players can actually relate!

The video series is the fruit of a tight collaboration between the expert team at OCC and actress Renny Grinshpan. It serves an entertaining cocktail of online gambling expertise and Renny’s bubbly Canadian personality and flair. “The videos are intended for the Canadian market, but the message and delivery are relevant and entertaining to anyone!” said Galin.

Each short video discusses relevant topics for casino players, such as learning basic blackjack strategies, reading the fine print, and creating an online casino account. The videos are peppered with “Canadianisms” and can be viewed on OCC’s YouTube Channel and website.

Online Casinos Canada keeps up with the latest trends for Canadians and has recently been in the news for other developments. For example, OCC published an infographic on Canadian mobile gambling trends, created a Bonus Calculator for players, and recently launched a French version of the website. With a finger on the pulse of the Canadian market, OCC once again proves worthy of its fan base.

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