B2B GameDay to launch white-label DFS platform in Europe

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To allow companies to reduce their marketing expenses, business-to-business Daily Fantasy Sports company GameDay Studios Ltd. and gaming company Uptown Inc. will roll out a white label network platform in Europe.

B2B GameDay to launch white-label DFS platform in EuropeGavin Dunne, co-founder of GameDay Studios, pointed out that white label network platform Manager Duel, which will be launched on September 10, will not be a just another FanDuel or DraftKings since it aims to let users from different white label partners and companies to play together in the same tournaments and share revenue.

The concept, according to Dunne, revolves around GameDay working with sportsbook operators, land based operators, media groups and large database companies to offer them new revenue earning opportunities through DFS.

Uptown, which is a specialist in customer acquisition for the gambling and other industries, on the other hand will provide a minimum of 3000 paying customers per month to launch the GameDay network platform.  Dunne said Uptown will be the first of a number of partners added to the network.

“This means more tournaments hosted by different providers, less risk in filling up guaranteed tournaments due to more users on the network, and around a 75% increase in liquidity compared to a stand-alone network,” Dunne told

Existing DFS companies in Europe started with business to consumer. However, Dunne says “Now they are turning into B2B models, but without a network style platform they simply cannot make this attractive enough to large industry players because their individual marketing spend and potential liquidity is not high enough.”

Dunne did not disclose the actual revenue split between the Irish-based firm and the Danish company, saying that it is “confidential.” He, however, pointed out that it is very profitable for both parties.

“GameDay is changing all of that and now brings to the market a business model that is much more attractive to existing players in the gambling industry, whereby they will have access to an exponentially bigger user bases across continents” he said. “After this we (Gameday) hope to make deals with many more partners like Uptown, Inc. and add more brands to the network.”


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