Australian Golfer Robert Allenby Arrested at Jumer’s Casino Says There is no Story

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Australian PGA Tour golfer, Robert Allenby, has told the press that there is no story after police arrested him on Friday night after he had been playing Blackjack at Jumer’s Casino in Rock Island, Illinois.

Australian golfer, Robert Allenby, 45, has said he has no idea what all the fuss is about after police officials arrested him at Jumer’s Casino in Rock Island, Illinois in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Australian Golfer Robert Allenby Arrested at Jumer’s Casino Says There is no StoryThe four-time PGA Tour title winner was staying at the casino while he played at the John Deere Classic. According to reports, the Melbourne man missed the cut by three strokes before retiring to the casino to play some Blackjack and have dinner with a few golfers and caddies.

According to police reports emanating from the Rock Island County Police Department, they arrested Allenby at 2.30 am Sat, August 13, for alleged disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. Allenby didn’t do his nuts in the casino. He had enough money to pay for 10% of his $2,000 bond and was released without charge a few hours later.

“There’s nothing to be said or done,” Allenby told USA Today.

Ryan Moore went on to win the event beating Ben Martin by two strokes.; it was his fifth PGA Tour title.

Allenby Hawaii Hell

I suggest Allenby thinks of a different game plan when missing the cut while playing on the PGA Tour.

Back in 2015, Allenby missed the cut in Hawaii’s Sony Open before heading to a wine bar accompanied by his caddie Mick Middlemo. Later that evening, Allenby reported being abducted, beaten and robbed while leaving the bar.

“I was thrown out of the trunk of a car, and I’d been robbed,” Allenby told reporters at the time.

Allenby went on to compare his kidnapping to the Taken movie franchise featuring Liam Neeson.

A few months later, Allenby sacked Middlemo after the pair clashed during the opening round of the 2015 Canadian Open. In the wake of the sacking, Middlemo said he had lied about the robbery, that he wasn’t there, and claimed that Allenby had made the story up.

“I think he fell over, and someone picked up his wallet and had a great time with his credit card,” Middlemo told The Guardian.

Honolulu police later arrested a 32-year old man for using Allenby’s credit card but said there was no evidence to pursue the allegations of kidnapping.

Middlemo told reporters that the Canadian Open altercation that led to his sacking happened because Allenby kept calling him a “fat cunt.”


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