Youtube Esports Star Issues Non-apology Over Skin Betting Scandal

One of the YouTube eSports stars tagged in the eSports skin betting scandal hits back at its critics with a non-apology video on Wednesday.

Youtube Esports Star Issues Non-apology Over Skin Betting ScandalTrevor “Tmartn” Martin uploaded a two-minute video apology titled “I’m Sorry” on his YouTube channel in an attempt to calm the controversy concerning him and fellow YouTube star Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassel and their equity in gambling website CS: GO Lotto.

Martin eventually took down the video after receiving a backlash from his angry fans. Luckily, quick-thinking fans were able to save copies of Martin’s video apology and re-upload it on the popular video sharing website.

Most of the content of the video centered on Martin’s defense that he and Cassel did not mislead viewers by promoting CS:GO Lotto that they in fact owned and that they encouraged others to spend money on it after showcasing themselves apparently winning thousands of dollars-worth of items in minutes.

Martin turned the table at his critics, who have accused him of deceiving the public as he points out that his involvement in CS:GO lotto has always been a public knowledge. He even indirectly suggested that fans should have researched the gambling company’s details in the first place.

“Now, my connection to CS:GO LOtto has been a matter of public record since the company was first organised back in December 2015,” TmarTn states. “However, I do feel like I owe you guys an apology. I’m sorry to each and every one of you who feels like this was not made clear enough to you.”

He also refuted allegations that he condones minors to use CS:GO Lotto and that the videos on his channel is illegal under the Federal Trade Commission’s digital advertising guidelines.

“I truly honestly hope that you guys give me an opportunity to earn your trust back,” he said. “Please also know that I’m committed to making sure that my YouTube channel, as well as all of my other businesses, are in compliance with the law.”

He closes the video by sending love and gratitude to his million subscribers.

Meanwhile, game developer Valve has maintained its deafening silence over the issue of skin-betting in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Jasper Ward, lawyer of a player suing the game developer over “illegal gambling,” finds it odd that Valve has maintained its silence on the scandal, considering that the gambling scandal took place on its games platform.

What’s more concerning, according to Ward, is the fact that Valve has unblocked CS:GO Lotto instead of offering a public statement that it is currently investigating the skin-betting scandal.

“That most of the people in the CS:GO gambling economy are teenagers and under 21 makes Valve’s and the other Defendants’ actions even more unconscionable.”

“Valve’s decision to unblock Lotto after this is mind boggling and I look forward to getting answers from Valve’s key decision makers on that,” Ward told news website Polygon. “Or even a quote on the record from someone at Valve about the Skins gambling economy would be a good start. Valve’s public silence while privately helping gambling sites operate in the Steam Marketplace is unconscionable.”