Webe gaming’s John English talks about his passions outside of iGaming

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In this interview with CalvinAyre’s Rebecca Liggero, John English of Webe Gaming brandishes his edgier side as He talks about his passions outside of iGaming.

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There is something about John English of Webe Gaming that evokes the vibe of Ian Fleming’s most beloved spy character James Bond.

It’s not because how this smooth-talking debonair make everyone listen as he delivers his speeches in every conference or how he loves to rip through the streets while driving his sleek, custom-made, Calloway Corvette.

Just like Bond, English was able to ride through all the challenges hurled in front of him in order to emerge victorious in his field.

English, who made a debut in the gambling industry by putting up a sweepstakes lottery delivery company in the 80s, said that he had experienced a fair-share of ups and downs in his life before he reached his present stature.

He then made a venture into other forms of gambling and sports betting when “everybody else” has entered into the same sweepstakes lottery delivery business. The shift from sweepstakes business to other forms of gambling has paved his way to Las Vegas.

“One thing led to another and now we are living in Las Vegas. This is where we live and the casino industry is how we thrive here. So that’s how I started and it’s been a great ride,” English told

But the blinding light of Las Vegas dimmed a little for English when the economic recession hit the so-called Sin City hard. As he is left without a choice, English finds himself packing his bag and flying a thousand miles away to Asia to look for economic growth opportunities outside the U.S.

His sacrifice and hardwork, according to English, paid off as he had found gambling companies needing his advice on handling the growth of Chinese gaming firms and on aspects of sports betting.

“It kind of look a little rough for a while and then I get invited to go out and take a look at some of the opportunities in China,” English said. “I really like it over there. It is an amazing market. It is so much different than in Las Vegas. It’s an amazing growth experience in general.”

Despite being busy with his business, English finds time to workout in order to for him to stay fit and healthy. His secret to stay youthful, according to English, is by doing the old high school workout.

“No powders, no chemicals, no fad diets, nothing. I just pulled the weights out the garage and started exercising. And it is amazing how when you exercise that way you come off,” he said. “So that is really nothing special. What I did was I took it out of the garage and move it up in the bedroom so I have to pass it more often so it’s been helpful.”

Aside from working out, he also finds time to pursue his other passions including his love for cars and sports memorabilia.

He said he has a Callaway Corvette which he loves to drive in order to satisfy his need for speed.

I love cars. I love all kinds of things with metal, oil, and gear so for me that’s my thing. My favorite car is a custom Callaway Corvette,” English said. “So I like cars, I like watches, I like all things mechanical and I like everything that has to do with sports.

English also keeps a gun collection at home.

“I’m not a hunter, but I have a lot of guns. I like to shoot. Does anybody need taken care of? Just let me know,” he said.


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